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@github-actions github-actions released this 17 May 13:43
· 8 commits to main since this release

⚑ Highlights

πŸͺ Add support for 'hooks' so that users using pgroll as a Go module can customize its behaviour (#290, #335)
πŸš₯ Backoff and retry DDL and DML operations on lock_timeout errors (#353)
πŸ”— Run all DDL operations before running any DML (data backfills) during migration start (#289)
βœ–οΈ Support changing multiple column properties in one alter_column operation (#338)
πŸ–ŠοΈ Support rewriting or rejecting user-defined SQL using transformers when using pgroll as a Go module (#329, #332).
🫱 Allow changing column default values (#346)
πŸ“› Support for renaming constraints. (#293)
βœ… Allow raw SQL migrations to be run on migration completion instead of start (#280).
πŸ”‘ Allow setting the ON DELETE behaviour of foreign key constraints (#297)


  • 63d5a7f Add CI step to validate examples against the JSON schema (#301)
  • 58fa7ae Add SQL onComplete flag, allow sql migration to run with others (#280)
  • 0f75224 Add Roll.Schema method (#299)
  • 8ed5799 Add WithRawSQLURL to configure an optional URl for raw sql operations (#315)
  • 577870c Add rename_constraint operation (#293)
  • eda936f Add rename_constraint operation to PgRollOperation JSON schema definition (#300)
  • 4fbfdf7 Add a 'set comment' sub-operation to 'alter column' (#344)
  • afad3d8 Add a 'set default' sub-operation to 'alter column' (#346)
  • cc8c2d3 Add a WithSQLTransformer option to rewrite user-defined SQL in up and down triggers (#329)
  • d5d4bea Add complete phase hooks (#335)
  • fb05aec Add extra validation for the rename_constraint operation (#303)
  • 431b951 Add testcase to ensure new columns can't be used as the the identity column in a backfill. (#298)
  • c08ef70 Add two new options to help with replication control (#290)
  • 7d8460f Allow rename-only 'alter-column' operations on unbackfillable columns (#341)
  • def08e2 Allow setting the ON DELETE behaviour of foreign key constraints (#297)
  • 51de6d4 Bump golangci-lint action to v4 (#287)
  • 3e49151 Bump from 24.0.7+incompatible to 24.0.9+incompatible (#324)
  • 37d2c28 Bump from 0.20.0 to 0.23.0 (#343)
  • 14a2217 Bump from 1.31.0 to 1.33.0 (#319)
  • 2932ea3 Disallow unknown fields in migration JSON (#334)
  • 4c1bc6a Dont duplicate CHECK constraints and DEFAULTs when altering column type (#349)
  • 162bd06 Fix duplicate inferred migrations when dropping columns outside of a migration (#305)
  • 0aebb50 Fix error message of column rename (#292)
  • 161fde6 Fix hardcoded pgroll schema in state initialization (#284)
  • 52fb532 Format schema.json on generate (#294)
  • 4d3faeb Make down SQL in rename column operations use the new name of the column (#354)
  • 6e4ee68 Make name not required in PgRollMigration (#282)
  • b4e3044 Make state initialization concurrency safe (#285)
  • f5d09d5 Move example schema validation to its own job (#318)
  • 79566b0 Preserve comments on column duplication (#323)
  • 547ac3e Preserve foreign key ON DELETE attributes when FK columns are duplicated (#314)
  • d4445bb Refactor alter column suboperations (#337)
  • 16377ca Relax add_column requirements on pk (#286)
  • 937f65c Relax backfill requirements so it works with unique columns (#288)
  • 297dd38 Remove BeforeBackfill hook (#312)
  • f6cacf7 Respect foreign key ON DELETE in add column and create table operations (#308)
  • a444723 Restrict state connection search path (#342)
  • 5c1aef2 Retry on lock_timeout errors (#353)
  • 944ebed Revert: Add WithRawSQLURL to configure an optional URl for raw sql operations (#333)
  • 6334cb4 Rewrite column DEFAULTs using the SQL transformer (#332)
  • 0673b1b Rewrite raw SQL operations using a SQL transformer (#330)
  • 631d642 Rollback on backfill failure (#317)
  • 0746ba6 Separate DDL operations from DML (backfills) on migration start (#289)
  • 130f451 Strengthen SQL transformation tests (#331)
  • a87fa36 Support create/drop index with uppercase names (#356)
  • a4222d8 Support multiple 'alter column' sub operations (#338)
  • 4f0a715 Support setting table and column comments to NULL (#345)
  • c88c060 Track foreign key ON DELETE setting in the internal schema representation (#311)
  • a7d5095 Update banner images and logo colors (#307)
  • 099a443 Update documentation for foreign key options (#310)
  • cf66d1f Update operation types to set a default of "" for up and down SQL (#325)