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@kevingranade kevingranade released this Mar 8, 2019 · 910 commits to master since this release

The Danny release is characterized by MORE. More UI polish, more features, more content, more long-asked-for changes. It's the longest-lived and largest in every way release we've ever done, and we hope to never do it again. Future releases are planned for roughly 6-month intervals. This release is made up of 37,604 commits authored by over 700 contributors, and it roughly doubled the number of everything in the game, items, monsters, map buildings, you name it, we doubled it.

It's honestly way too huge to summarize in any meaningful way, but here are the absolute biggest changes, and you'll just have to dig into the changelog or the game itself for more detail.

  • Many quality of life enhancements such as auto-pulp, autopickup, batch actions, interacting with adjacent items and improved long-action handling.
  • Pixel minimap for tiles mode.
  • Guns accept magazines when appropriate.
  • Player stamina stat that is burned by running and other physical exertion.
  • Player faction base that allows incremental growth and autonomous work by NPCs.
  • The player remembers terrain and furniture they have seen.
  • Carrying racks for small vehicles.
  • Vehicle system (speed, fuel consumption, terrain effects) overhaul.
  • Overhauled nutrition, food spoilage and food state changes (freezing).
  • Overhauled bomb fragment handling.
  • NPC dialogue support, group commands, tactical instructions and backstories.
  • Dynamic Lighting.
  • Roughly DOUBLED the amount of in-game content.
  • Unheard-of levels of bugfixing.
  • Full translations for Chinese, German, Japanese, Polish and Russian.
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@narc0tiq narc0tiq released this Mar 9, 2015 · 38524 commits to master since this release

The Cooper release is named in honor of the new monster infighting system. Now you can sit back and watch as your enemies tear each other to pieces! Don't get too close though, they're still out for your blood.

  • This release also brings the long-requested DeathCam system, which lets you see the aftermath of the glorious fireball or atrocious train wreck that was your demise.
  • Gun users will notice a new aiming menu: you can now spend time to steady your aim. Do you take the shot now, or wait until the zombie gets a little closer?
  • Tailoring-oriented survivors (and who isn't?) will note the new tailor's kit item, which lets you add insulation or protective patches to your clothes.
  • Survivors with gigantic death-mobiles may appreciate the new turret options, including being able to enable/disable individual turrets, and being able to fire some turrets manually.
  • Finally, for survivors with, shall we say, "well-stocked" bases, there are massive improvements to performance when there are many thousands of items nearby.

Get it from the forum thread or pick your poison:

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Mar 9, 2015


Update version name for 0.C release.

@narc0tiq narc0tiq released this Nov 25, 2014 · 42329 commits to master since this release

The Brin release is named in honor of significant improvements to PC/NPC relations.

This release, containing over 9,000 commits (@kevingranade counted) brings an unheard-of amount of new features and content, most of which wants you dead.

Start your adventure in a wide variety of different locations, with a selection of different starting scenarios, now with unique character traits. Explore new locations, some of which are ridiculously big (did somebody say 'mall'?), and some of which have inhabitants that don't want to eat you for a change. Vehicles have gotten some love, and now form a basis for an electrical network should you desire to build one. If you've ever wanted to strap a C4 pack onto an RC car and drive it under a Zombie Hulk, you got your chance.

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@kevingranade kevingranade released this Mar 2, 2014 · 51558 commits to master since this release

The Kaufman is named in honor of a huge expansion to Cataclysm's mutation system. The release, our largest yet also brings innumerable bugfixes, performance enhancements, new items, a long-awaited module manager, new monsters, fullscreen mode, better mouse support, new map tiles and an unheard-of level of stability.

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@kevingranade kevingranade released this Nov 15, 2013 · 56450 commits to master since this release

The Ma release is characterized by polish and preparedness. We've put more effort into stabilizing Cataclysm than in any previous release, and taken the time to support saves from 0.8. There's loads of new content - items ranging from survivor suits to RPG-7s, new mutations and new vehicles, loads of recipes including the ability to smith your own tools from scratch, and a few new enemies to round it out.

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Nov 15, 2013


Release 0.9 Ma
Nov 9, 2013
Release Candidate 1 for 0.9

@kevingranade kevingranade released this Sep 16, 2013 · 59141 commits to master since this release

In honor of improved graphics (tile support) and the ability to generate a game with huge cities full of egregious numbers of zombies, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead version 0.8 is titled "Romero". This release also comes with complete or near-complete Russian and Chinese translations, a player memorial file, save compatibility moving forward, and probably the most frequently requested feature of the game, shopping carts.

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@kevingranade kevingranade released this Jul 19, 2013 · 60934 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix release to 0.7, see changelog for details.

The Lindqvist release is dominated by substantial support for i18n. Large swaths of the text strings are gettext annotated and ready for translation. Also this release brings unicode support for text messages, though unicode map rendering is still in progress. Other major new features include a plethora of new advanced bionics, an item autopickup feature, and moddable item spawn lists. See the changelog for the other awesome new features and bugfixes.

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