@gsemet gsemet released this Jul 16, 2018

Bug fixes:

  • Travis build cleaned build artifacts before deployment, leading to missing files when
    built in the CI.


@gsemet gsemet released this Jul 16, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

Release Summary

This minor release mainly fix some issues when installing Guake though pip install --user --upgrade guake. A big thanks also to everyone who contributed to the translations on Weblate.

Bug Fixes

  • Don't translate application icon (this finally fixes Guake application icon not being displayed with German locale, which was only partially resolved with #1320)

  • Install of Guake through pip install was broken (missing paths.py). Now fixed. Discarded generation of bdist. (fix

Translation Updates

  • sv (thanks to @MorganAntonsson)

  • de (thanks to @rzimmer)

  • fr

  • ru (thanks Igor "f2404" on Weblate)

  • cz (thanks Pavel Borecki on Weblate)

  • pl (thanks Piotr Drąg on Weblate)

  • it (thanks Maurizio De Santis on Weblate)


  • Update about screen's credits


@gsemet gsemet released this Jun 20, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • pip install guake now compiles the gsettings schema and finds its languages automatically.

Bug Fixes

  • Wayland is a bit more well supported. The X11 backend is now used by default for GDK and it seems to make the shortcut works under most situation.

    A more cleaner solution would be to develop a GAction (vote for this feature here])

  • A new command has been added: guake-toggle, should be faster than guake -t. You can use it when you register the global shortcut manually (X11 or Wayland).


@gsemet gsemet released this May 31, 2018 · 30 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • Fix transparency regression on ubuntu composite (#1333)
  • Fix transparency issue
  • Fix right-click on link
  • Fix bad css override on check tab background (#1326)
  • Fix Guake application icon not displayed with German locale
  • fix ctrl+click on hyperlinks on VTE 0.50 (#1295)
  • Fixed "Gruvbox Dark" color palette (swapped foreground and background)
  • Swapped foreground and background colors for palettes added in commit #58842e9.


  • Add option groupes to the bootstrap scripts


@gsemet gsemet released this Apr 25, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Thanks to @arcticicestudio, a new nice, clean new palette theme is available for Guake users: Nord (#1275)

Known Issues

  • Multiline url are sometimes not handled correctly.

  • Users of Byobu or Tmux as default shell should disable the "login shell" option (in the "Shell" panel). This uses an option, --login, that does not exist on these two tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix duplication in theme list (#1304)

  • Fix right click selection in Midnight Commander

  • Corrected usage of Vte.Regex.new_for_match to fix regular expression matching (hyperlinks, quick open) on VTE >0.50 (#1295)

  • URL with ' (simple quote) and () (parenthesis) are now captured by hyperlink matcher. This may causes some issues with log and so that use parenthesis around hyperlinks, but since parenthesis and quotes are valid characters inside a URL, like for instance URL created by Kibana, they deserve the right to be shown as proper url in Guake.

    User can still select the URL in the terminal if he wishes to capture the exact url, before doing a Ctrl+click or a right click.

    For developers, it is advised to end the URL with a character that cannot be used in URL, such as space, tab, new line. Ending with a dot (.) or a comma (,) will not be seen as part of the URL by Guake, so most logs and traces that adds a dot or a comma at the end of the URL might still work.

  • Fix "Grubbox Dark" theme

Translation Updates

  • fr

  • pl

  • ru


  • Rework the documentation. The README grew up a lot and was hard to use. It has been cut into several user manual pages in the official online documentation.


@gsemet gsemet released this Apr 14, 2018 · 89 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Allow user to select the theme within the preference UI

  • Selected tab use "selected highlight" color from theme (#1036)

Translation Updates

  • fr


@gsemet gsemet released this Apr 12, 2018 · 92 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • Quick open displays a combobox with predefined settings for Visual Studio Code, Atom and Sublime Text.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix hyperlink VTE


@gsemet gsemet released this Apr 11, 2018 · 97 commits to master since this release

Release Summary

This version of Guake brings mostly bug fixes, and some new features like "Quick Open on selection". I have also reworked internally the Quick Open so that it can automatically open files from logs from pytest and other python development tools output. However, there might still some false positive on the hovering of the mouse in the terminal, the most famous being the output of ls -l which may have the mouse looks like it sees hyperlinks on the terminal everywhere. Click does nothing but its an annoying limitation.

Package maintainers should read the "Notes for Package Maintainers" of this release note carefully.

New Features

  • New "start at login" option in the settings (only for GNOME) #251

  • Add --verbose/-v parameter to enable debug logging. Please note the existing -v (for version number) has been renamed -V.

  • Support for hyperlink VTE extension (described here ) #945 (Untested, as it requires VTE 0.50)

  • Add great color palettes from Guake Color Scheme, thanks for @ziyenano :

    • Aci,
    • aco,
    • Azu,
    • Bim,
    • Cai,
    • Elementary,
    • Elic,
    • Elio,
    • Freya,
    • Gruvbox Dark,
    • Hemisu Dark,
    • Hemisu Light,
    • Jup,
    • Mar,
    • Material,
    • Miu,
    • Monokai dark,
    • Nep,
    • One Light,
    • Pali,
    • Peppermint,
    • Sat,
    • Shel,
    • Tin,
    • Ura,
    • Vag.
  • Allow application to capture right click (ex: Midnight commander). #1096. It is still possible to show the contextual menu with Shift+right click.

Bug Fixes

  • delete tab even without libutempter (#1198)

  • Fix crash when changing command file #1229

  • fix import sys in simplegladeapp.py

  • change scope of which_align variable in pref.py (#1225)

  • Fix user interface translations #1228

  • Fix several issues on Quick Edit:

    • quick open freezes guake

    • support for systems with PCRE2 (regular expression in terminal) disabled for VTE, like Ubuntu 17.10 and +.

      This might disable quick open and open url on direct Ctrl+click. User can still select the wanted url or text and Cltr+click or use contextual menu.

      See this discussion on Tilix, another Terminal emulator that suffurs the same issue.

    • quick open now appears in contextual menu (#1157)

    • bad translation update on the contextual menu. This causes new strings that was hidden to appear for translators.

    • Fix quick open on pattern "File:line" line that was not opening the wanted file.

  • Some systems such as Ubuntu did displayed Guake with a translated interface (#1209). The locale system has been reworked to fix that.

  • There might be broken translations, or not up-to-date language support by Guake. A global refresh of all existing translations would be welcomed. Most has not been updated since the transition to Guake 3, so these languages support might probably be unfunctional or at least partialy localized.

  • A big thank you for all the volunteers and Guake enthousiats would often update their own translation to help guake being used world-wide.

    • Help is always welcomed for updating translations !
  • Support for vte 2.91 (0.52) #1222

Translation Updates

  • fr_FR
  • pl
  • de

Notes for Package Maintainers

  • The setup mecanism has changed a little bit. Some maintainers used to patch the source code of Guake to change the pixmap, Gtk schema or locale paths directly in the guake/globals.py file. This was due to a lack of flexibility of the installation target of the Makefile.

    The make install target looks now a little bit more familiar, allowing distribution packager to set the various paths directly with make flags.

    For example:

    sudo make install \
        prefix=/usr \
        DESTDIR=/path/for/packager \
        PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGE_NAME=site-package \

    The main overrides are:

    • IMAGE_DIR: where the pixmap should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/guake/pixmaps
    • localedir: where locales should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/locale
    • GLADE_DIR: where the Glade files should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/guake
    • gsettingsschemadir: where gsettings/dconf schema should be installed. Default: /usr/local/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

    I invite package maintainers to open tickets on Github about any other difficulties encountered when packaging Guake.


@gsemet gsemet released this Mar 26, 2018 · 144 commits to master since this release

Bug Fixes

  • Apply cursor blinking to new tabs as well, not only on settings change.

  • Fix window losefocus hotkey #1080

  • Fix refocus if open #1188

  • fix preferences window header color, align the close button more nicely and change borders to margins

  • Implements a timestamp for wayland (#1215)


@gsemet gsemet released this Jan 25, 2018 · 168 commits to master since this release

Note: Please do not use the artefacts links automatically provided by GitHub to download the source code. The package will not work.

New Features

  • Add window displacement options to move guake away from the screen edges

  • User can manually enter the name of the GTK theme it wants Guake to use. Note there is no Preference settings yet, one needs to manually enter the name using dconf-editor, in the key /apps/guake/general/gtk-theme-name. Use a name matching one the folders in /usr/share/themes. Please also considere this is a early adopter features and has only been tested on Ubuntu systems. Dark theme preference can be se with the key /apps/guake/general/gtk-prefer-dark-theme.

  • Allow make install-system to be run as non root user and print a message if so.

  • Quick open can now open file under selection. Simply select a filename in the current terminal and do a Ctrl+click, if the file path can be found, it will be open in your editor. It allows to virtually open any file path in your terminal (if they are on your local machine), but requires the user to select the file path first, compared to the Quick Open feature that finds file names using regular expression.

    Also notes that is it able to look in the current folder if the selected file name exists, allowing Ctrl+click on relative paths as well.

    Line number syntax is also supported: filename.txt:5 will directly on the 5th line if your Quick Open is set for.

Bug Fixes

  • fixes issue with vertically stacked dual monitors #1162

  • Quick Open functionnality is restored #1121

  • Unusable Guake with "hide on focus lose" option #1152

  • Speed up guake D-Bus communication (command line such as guake -t).