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Welcome to the ECGridOS API documentation wiki!

ECGridOS uses SOAP protocol for its web services and the documentation contains the following sections. The example code provided is there for your reference only to give you a starting point for using this API not as a complete solution. We encourage you to provide feedback, ask questions, and share your code/experiences using the ECGridOS API in our issues section. As this is an active and evolving API this documentation may not be 100% inclusive.

Notice! - As of 2/1/2018 API versions previous to 3.2 will only have access to the last 30 days of data. API versions 3.2 and up will have data archives dating back to 3/1/2015.

Notice! - As of 12/31/2018 API versions previous to 3.2 will no longer be supported.

ECGridOS User's Guide - The basics on how to use the API.

Getting Started with ECGridOS and Visual Studio - How to reference the API in Visual Studio.

ECGridOS API Calls - A Description of the API Calls.

Appendix - Definitions of API Classes, Parameters, Return Values, ENUMs Etc..

Legacy Forum Q & A - Questions and answer from the legacy forum:

API Version 2.3 Documentation - Old API Version 2.3 Documentation -

API Version 3.2 URL:

API Version 3.2 WSDL:

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