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Class BaseGamePad

GamePad classes are supported by BaseGameAnim to allow handling interactive input into the animation. [SerialGamePad|#class-serialgamepad] and [WinGamePadEmu|#class-wingamepademu] are provided in BiblioPixel but custom drivers can be written by inheriting from BaseGamePad located in bibliopixel.gamepad


Must be overridden by inheriting class.


Must be overridden by inheriting class and return a dictionary of key states, see below. Automatically called by BaseGameAnim.handleKeys()

#example return value
    "A": True,
    "B": False,
    "START": False,
    "SELECT": False,
    "LEFT": True,
    "RIGHT": True,
    "UP": True,
    "DOWN": True,

Using the above dictionary return value method is intended to ensure that game animations can handle the output of any input device once it is properly wrapped in a BaseGamePad inheriting driver class.


Override if special handling needs to be done when finished with the class instance. All BaseGamePad inheriting classes support the python "with" construct and this will automatically be called when leaving the scope.

Class WinGamePadEmu

Located at bibliopixel.win_gamepad_emu, this GamePad driver is mainly intended for testing by globally hooking into the system keyboard events, since BiblioPixel does have a window to handle input. Python for Windows Extensions must be installed for this to function.



  • btn_map - A dictionary mapping output names to keyboard keys. By default, this uses the arrow keys for D-Pad input and Enter="START", SpaceBar="SELECT", A="A", S="B", Z="X", and X="Y". Defined like this:
    "UP": win32con.VK_UP,
    "DOWN": win32con.VK_DOWN,
    "LEFT": win32con.VK_LEFT,
    "RIGHT": win32con.VK_RIGHT,
    "SELECT": win32con.VK_SPACE,
    "START": win32con.VK_RETURN,
    "A": "A",
    "B": "S",
    "X": "Z",
    "Y": "X"

The dictionary key is the key that will be used in the getKeys() output and the value is the keyboard button that will be bound to that dictionary key. Standard characters can be specified by a string containing that character. Other keys can use the win32con values:

    "enter": win32con.VK_RETURN,
    "up": win32con.VK_UP,
    "down": win32con.VK_DOWN,
    "left": win32con.VK_LEFT,
    "right": win32con.VK_RIGHT,
    "backspace": win32con.VK_BACK,
    "delete": win32con.VK_DELETE,
    "end": win32con.VK_END,
    "home": win32con.VK_HOME,
    "tab": win32con.VK_TAB,
    "f1": win32con.VK_F1,
    "f2": win32con.VK_F2,
    "f3": win32con.VK_F3,
    "f4": win32con.VK_F4,
    "f5": win32con.VK_F5,
    "f6": win32con.VK_F6,
    "f7": win32con.VK_F7,
    "f8": win32con.VK_F8,
    "f9": win32con.VK_F9,
    "f10": win32con.VK_F10,
    "f11": win32con.VK_F11,
    "f12": win32con.VK_F11,
    "pageup": win32con.VK_PRIOR,
    "pagedown": win32con.VK_NEXT,
    "escape": win32con.VK_ESCAPE
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