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Paper Changes:
PaperMC/Paper@4d111a3 Un-experimentalize Entity TP APIs (#9964)
PaperMC/Paper@2182d47 Update mapping-io (#9975)
PaperMC/Paper@9993eb9 Updates documentation in (#9992)
PaperMC/Paper@2184fbc Log correct recipes and advancement count on server start (#9978)
PaperMC/Paper@8bda1f7 Remove unnecessary durability check in ItemStack#isSimilar (#9979)
PaperMC/Paper@977a729 [ci skip] Correct Windows requiring path to gradlew (#9976)
PaperMC/Paper@3766afa [ci skip] Add mention of FQ imports (#9994)
PaperMC/Paper@40872ec Fix CraftMetaItem#addAttributeModifier duplication check (#9995)
PaperMC/Paper@ffa4115 Configurable Dry and Wet Farmland Tick Rates (#9968)
PaperMC/Paper@37bee09 Restore vanilla entity drops behavior (#7650)
PaperMC/Paper@5cbd535 Fix Mushroom cow stew api (#9934)
PaperMC/Paper@8e061ce Add Structure check API (#9062)
PaperMC/Paper@9271ee7 Dont resend blocks on interactions (#9413)
PaperMC/Paper@931781c [ci skip] rebuild patches

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Purpur is a drop-in replacement for Paper servers designed for configurability, new fun and exciting gameplay features, and performance built on top of Paper.


Join us on Discord:

Join us on Discord


Downloads can be obtained from the downloads page or the downloads API.

Build Status

Downloads API endpoints:

  • List versions of Minecraft with builds available:
  • List builds for a version of Minecraft:<version>
  • Download a specific build of a specific version:<version>/<build>/download
  • Download the latest build for a version of Minecraft:<version>/latest/download


All patches are licensed under the MIT license, unless otherwise noted in the patch headers.

MIT License

See PaperMC/Paper, and PaperMC/Paperweight for the license of material used by this project.


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repositories {
dependencies {

Yes, this also includes all API provided by Paper, Spigot, and Bukkit.

Building and setting up

Initial setup

First, clone this repository. Do not download it.

Then run the following command in the root directory:

./gradlew applyPatches

The project is now ready for use in your IDE.

Creating a patch

Patches are effectively just commits in either Purpur-API or Purpur-Server. To create one, just add a commit to either repo and run ./gradlew rebuildPatches, and a patch will be placed in the patches folder. Modifying commits will also modify its corresponding patch file.

See for more detailed information.


Use the command ./gradlew build to build the API and server. Compiled JARs will be placed under Purpur-API/build/libs and Purpur-Server/build/libs. These JARs are not used to start a server.

To compile a server-ready purpurclip jar, run ./gradlew createReobfPaperclipJar. To install the purpur-api and purpur dependencies to your local Maven repo, run ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal. The compiled purpurclip jar will be in build/libs/ not Purpur-Server/build/libs.

Special Thanks To:



YourKit, makers of the outstanding Java profiler, support open source projects of all kinds with their full-featured Java and .NET application profilers. We thank them for allowing us to use their software so we can make Purpur the best it can be.


JetBrains Logo

JetBrains, creators of the IntelliJ IDEA, supports Purpur with one of their Open Source Licenses. IntelliJ IDEA is the recommended IDE for working with Purpur, and most of the Purpur team uses it.

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