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Welcome to the section dedicated to projects using/for SFML.



  • [C++] sfeMovie: A C++ library that lets you play movies in SFML based applications.
  • [C++/C#/.NET] Motion/MotionNET: A C++ and C#/.NET library that lets you playback video and audio using SFML or the SFML.NET binding.

UI (User Interface)

  • [C++] SFGUI: A C++ library for adding graphical user interfaces to games and programs.
  • [C++ or C#] TGUI: An easy to use cross-platform GUI based on SFML 2 and written in C++.
  • [C++] Squeak: Simple and small add-on to use a customisable mouse cursor/pointer.
  • [C++] LuaConsole: Simple to use, both in code and in app, console/terminal for Lua. Works with SFML 2.1 and Lua 5.1, LuaJIT 2.0 and Lua 5.2 .

Other extensions

  • [C++] Zoost & Zoom libraries: Geometric objects, customizable shapes, animation tools & light rendering.
  • [C++] Thor: Particle systems, animations, pausable clocks, vector functions, resource/event handling, triangulations, and much more...
  • [C++] BZeps-SFML-Snippets: Particle System, Animation & Tileset support and other good stuffs. Currently in development, any help/pull requests greatly appreciated!
  • [Ruby] GDE: An environment for rbSFML that helps out with development.



  • SimpleSprite - A small class designed to emulate the sf::Sprite functionality, and to extend it by adding the ability to set Size directly via a setSize(..) method, and the ability to set per-vertex colors via setVertexColor(int index, sf::Color color)

Language Bindings

Video Games

Closed Source

  • [C++] Pioneers: A turn-based exploration/adventure RPG.
  • [C++] Crea: A 2D moddable sandbox game with a light-hearted mood, colorful art and RPG elements.
  • [C++] Moonman: A procedural adventure game
  • [C++] Vagante: A platformer roguelike game; imagine Spelunky with RPG elements!
  • [C++] Harvest : Massive Encounter: Tower Defense Real Time strategy game
  • [C++] Contamination: Zombie survival game: Try to survive as long as possible in a post apocalyptic world
  • [C++] F.I.R.E.D.: 2D cross-platform game with elements of Action, RPG and Adventure.
  • [C++] Re:creation: top-down action RPG inspired by The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. You play as undead knight who can turn into a ghost and control dead enemies with it to get their abilities and solve various puzzles.
  • [C++] Kronos: An Action-RPG game with lots of combats, customization and puzzle interaction. With 30+ map areas, 50+ enemies and bosses, and tons of items to customize your play style.

Open Source

  • [C++] Metroid Prime : Némésis: 2D fangame following the famous Metroid Prime 3.
  • [C#] Pax: A Wargame: A grand strategy game around the topics of war, diplomacy, exploration and trade, set during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In early development, C#-coded, Python-scriptable.
  • [C++11] Kroniax: a sidescroller, steer the ship without touching the walls
  • [C++11] Open Hexagon (GitHub): C++11 open source clone of "Super Hexagon". Features JSON/LUA customizable game files, a soundtrack by BOSSFIGHT, pseudo-3D effects.
  • [C++11] operation bloodshed: arcade game, spiritual successor to "Operation Carnage" - similar to Smash TV or Robotron
  • [C++] M.A.R.S. - a ridiculous shooter (GitHub): is a 2D space shooter with awesome visual effects and attractive physics. Players can battle each other or computer controlled enemies in exciting game modes.
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