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Open Payment Host

Sell Subscriptions, Newsletters, Digital Files without paying commissions.

Open Payment Host post page


Open Payment Host is an easy to run self-hosted, minimalist payments host through which we can easily sell our digital items without paying double commissions while having total control over our sales and data.


Selling digital items on web as an indie requires using platforms where we have to pay double commissions(to the platform and the payment gateway) and our content is forever locked within those platforms.


Open Payment Host is a minimalist yet highly performant Go web application with innovative features which helps indies self-host and sell digital items with little effort.

Video Demo

Video Demo Clicking the above image would open the video in YouTube.



  • Customers can buy without logging in, Increases conversion.
  • Stripe support, Just add the price id for the product and rest is done automatically.
  • Square support, Just add the amount for the product and rest is done automatically.New
  • Multi-country pricing, Price changes automatically according to the user's location resulting in better conversion.
  • Mailchimp support, Customers are automatically added to a mailchimp list; Useful for sending newsletters.
  • WYSIWYG editor with AI autocomplete to create beautiful product pages.New
  • File attachment support(images) for the product posts. New
  • S3 support for delivering digital files via automatic pre-signed URL. New
  • Subscriber count for the products (With Square).New
  • Automatic SSL and other security features for production.

and many more.



Hope page of OPH

WYSIWYG editor with autocomplete powered by Google PaLM AI

WYSIWYG editor

Buy without login



No credit card data is stored locally


Buy button


Square web sdk

Strong customer authentication (3D-Secure, SCA) support


File delivery after payment


File delivery after payment after stripe payment


File delivery after payment after square payment



  1. Stripe or Square account for payment gateway
  2. Google PaLM AI API key for autocomplete in editor.
  3. Cloudflare account for turnstile captcha.
  4. Mailchimp account for adding subscribers to the list.

Note: Open Payment Host can be tested without fulfilling above requirements, But payments and adding subscribers to the list wouldn't work.


The latest image is available on DockerHub at abishekmuthian/open-payment-host:latest.

Demo Setup

mkdir oph-demo && cd oph-demo
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Visit http://localhost:3000.

Demo version prints more detailed level of errors if any, DO NOT use this demo setup in production.


The default admin email id is and the password is OpenPaymentHost. You'll be asked to reset the password after login for security reasons. That password is hashed and stored.

You'll be logged out after changing password automatically to login with the new credentials.

Admin email id and default admin password can be changed in the config file (explained below) after the first run. Each time the password is reset in the config file, The password needs to be changed again once logged in for security.

Production Setup

It's recommended to try the demo application first before using the production application. The production application requires a registered domain and special config variables for SSL as detailed in the configuration section.

mkdir oph-production && cd oph-production
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

After the container has started successfully, Stop the container, Set the required production configuration and re-run the container.


Config file fragmenta.json is located in the secrets folder. It is generated automatically during the first run, After editing the config file the application needs to be restarted for the new configuration to take effect.

fragmenta.json contains configuration for both development and production. The production configuration is loaded when the environment variable FRAG_ENV=production is set.

Note: Environment variable for production is set automatically when using the docker production setup.

User configurable values are included in the table below.

Key Description Value
admin_email Email id of the administrator. Default:
admin_default_password Default password of the administrator, Would be forced to changed after login. Default: OpenPaymentHost
reset_admin Reset the email and password of the admin during the next run. yes (or) no
domain Website domain name for the application. Dev: localhost, Prod: example
port Port of the application. Dev: 3000, Prod: 443 (SSL)
root_url FQDN for the application with protocol and port. Dev: http://localhost:3000, Prod:
autocert_domains Comma separated domains for SSL certificates. Demo: NA, Prod:,
autocert_email email id for SSL certificate related notifications. Demo: NA, Prod:
autocert_ssl Enable or Disable automatic ssl Demo: NA, Prod: yes/no
name Name of the website. Default: Open Payment Host
meta_title Title of the website. Default : Sell what you want without paying commissions
meta_desc Description of the website. Default: Sell Subscriptions, Newsletters, Digital Files without paying commissions.
meta_keywords Keywords for the website. Default: payments,subscription,projects,products
meta_image URL for the featured image for the website. Default: /assets/images/app/oph_featured_image.png
meta_url Meta URL for the page when its not generated automatically. Dev: http://localhost:3000, Prod:
square Enable the square payment gateway, When enabled all other square credentials are mandatory. Dev/Prod : yes,no
square_access_token Square access token for accessing your square account. Dev: Sandbox access token, Prod: Production access token
square_app_id Square app id to identify your application. Dev: sandbox-..., Production: production app id
square_location_id Square location id for the account Dev: Sandbox location id from test account, Prod: location id from the main account
square_notification_url Square notification url for the webhook. Dev:Sandbox webhook URL, Prod: Production webhook URL
square_signature_key Square signature for webhook authentication Dev: Sandbox webhook signature, Prod: Production webhook signature
square_sandbox_source_id Square sandbox source id for credit card Dev: cnon:card-nonce-ok, Prod:""
square_domain Square API domain Dev:, Prod:
s3_access_key S3 compatible access key Dev: NA,Prod: NA
s3_secret_key S3 compatible secret key Dev: NA, Prod: NA
stripe Enable the stripe payment gateway, When enabled all other stripe credentials are mandatory. Dev/Prod : yes, no
stripe_key Stripe developer key. Dev: pktest..., Prod: pklive...****
stripe_secret Stripe developer secret key. Dev: sktest..., Prod: sklive...
stripe_webhook_secret Stripe webhook signing secret Dev: whsec_xxx, Prod: whsec_xxx
stripe_tax_rate_IN Stripe tax id for India. Dev: txr*..., Prod: txr*...
stripe_callback_domain Root URL for callback after Stripe event. Dev: [Use tunnel like ngrok], Prod: [Use root_url]
subscription_client_country Test country for testing multi-country pricing. Dev: US, IN, FR etc. Prod: NA
mailchimp_token Mailchimp API Key. e.g. ...-us12
turnstile_secret_key Cloudflare turnstile secret key for captcha. Dev: 1x00000000000000000000AA, Prod: 0x...
turnstile_site_key Cloudflare turnstile key for captcha. Dev: 1x0000000000000000000000000000000AA, Prod: 0x...
palm_key Google AI PaLM API Key Dev: xxxxxxxxx, Prod: xxxxxxxxx

Stripe Webhook Setup

Webhook needs to be setup at Stripe Developer's section for receiving subscription details post payment.

Set the webhook to root_url/payment/webhook where the root_url is defined in the configuration above. To test the webhooks in the local environment, Use a tunnel like ngrok.

Set the following events to send:

  1. checkout.session.completed
  2. payment_method.attached
  3. invoice.paid
  4. invoice.payment_failed
  5. customer.subscription.deleted

Square Webhook Setup

Webhook needs to be setup at Square Developer's section for receiving subscription details post payment.

Set the webhook to root_url/payment/square_webhook where the root_url is defined in the configuration above. To test the webhooks in the local environment, Use a tunnel like ngrok.

Set the following events to send:

  1. subscription.created
  2. subscription.updated


Build Open Payment Host

To build the application yourself,

$ git clone
$ cd open-payment-host
$ go build open-payment-host

There are docker-compose , Dockerfile files in the root of the project to build a docker image.


Open Payment Host uses Tailwind and Daisy UI for its UI.

Compile Tailwind using the following command,

npx tailwindcss -i tailwind/tailwind.css src/app/assets/styles/app.css --watch


Copyright (C) 2023 Abishek Muthian (Open Payment Host)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License along with this program. If not, see

Licenses for open-source libraries used in this project

Fragmenta: licensed under The MIT License.

tailwindcss: licensed under The MIT License.

daisyui: licensed under The MIT License.

trix: licensed under The MIT License.