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Magfest 2017 JoustMania at Magfest 2017!

Joustmania Logo

What is JoustMania????

  • JoustMania is a collection of PlayStation Move enabled party games based off of the "Jostling" mechanic introduced in Johann Sebastian Joust
  • JoustMania includes FFA, Teams, Werewolves, Zombies, Commander modes, and lots of other goodies!
  • The system is also designed to be easy to set up at conventions and is made to run itself with a large group of people. In convention mode, every game is started once everyone is ready, and announces the rules aloud for new players to learn.

Cool Stuffs!

  • Now on Windows & Steam!
  • 18+ Player support
  • Super easy setup
  • Runs in Headless mode, no screen required
  • Audio is output directly through the headphone jack, no audio device/usb plugin is necessary.
  • Optional web interface, view status and change game settings with your phone
  • Custom music support, play with your own music
  • Convention mode, no manual instructions needed, the game plays itself and switches between game modes


I am currently selling fully set up Joustmania devices (pi5 - 4gb model, case, bluetooth dongle, sd card, audio-connector) for $180 with included shipping domestically. If you would like to inquire about purchasing a fully setup Joustmania device, please reach out to

If you would like to build your own device you will need the following:

Optional and recommended:

Note on Hardware: The internal bluetooth is shorter range and has a slightly higher latency The class 1 adapters allow bluetooth connections up to 300+ feet and allow for the gameplay to be smooth, each adapter can connect to 6 to 7 controllers. I've tested this build with four adapters and 18 controllers successfully.


This will allow you to charge 9 controllers at once through the pi


  1. Download and Install Raspbian on the micro SD card, this build was tested on the pi 4 and 5, with the latest version of the raspberry pi OS, 32 or 64 bit. If you would like to try installing on Debian there are some extra instructions here that could help.
  2. Connect the bluetooth adapters, (usb audio connector for the pi 5), and speakers
  3. Turn on the pi, open a Terminal and run these commands, the pi will reboot on a successful install
  4. If something goes wrong during installation, try running again.
git clone
cd JoustMania
sudo ./ --disable_internal_bt

If you would not like to turn off the internal bluetooth (this is not recommended) leave off --disable_internal_bt

You can now disconnect the hdmi cable and run JoustMania in headless mode. JoustMania will automatically boot up on restart, menu music should start playing once the pi boots up. Note audio will only play out of HDMI when plugged into a monitor, and only out of the audio jack when unpluged from a monitor.

Update Joust Mania

Joustmania will auto update when started and connected to the internet. Sometimes there is a large update, it will say so, then you can press the start and select buttons on a controller to start this update, wait until the pi reboots. If you have the AP enabled, you may need to disable it first to gain access to the internet.

Pairing controllers

  • In order to pair controllers permanently, plug them into the Raspberry Pi via USB
  • Once plugged in, the controller should turn white indicating that it has been paired correctly
  • Press the PlayStation sync button (the circular one in the middle) to wirelessly connect paired controllers to the Pi

If pairing is not working for some reason, or you would like to resync all controllers run the following

cd JoustMania
sudo ./

If controllers seem to pair to only one Bluetooth adapter, it is likely that they share the same Mac address, refer to this issue: #172

With some bluetooth adapters and ps4 controllers, pushing the playstation sync button after plugging it into the pi may be necessary for it to pair correctly.

How to select a game mode

  • In order to change between games, on any controller press the select button (located on the left side of a controller)
  • In order to remove a controller from play, hold the playstation button to turn off the controller.

How to start a game

  • When a player presses the trigger button their controller will turn white
  • Once all controllers are white the game will begin!

Admin Mode: Joustmania settings

You can become an Admin by pressing all four front buttons on any controller, this will allow you to modify the games settings from the four front buttons on the controller, After a game is played the Admin mode will be reset

  • (Cross) Add or remove a game from Convention mode, your controller will be green if the game is added and Red if it is not, Custom Teams mode can not be added to the Convention mode
  • (Circle) Change sensitivity of the game. There are three settings, slow, medium, and fast, you will hear a corresponding sound for each
  • (Square) toggle the playback of instructions for each game
  • (Triangle) show battery level on all controllers (full charge is Green, 80% is Turquoise, 60% is Blue, 40% is Yellow, under 40% is Red)
  • The middle button can also be used to rotate through different options, then the start and select buttons can be used to increase and decrease that amount, currently this will allow you to change the amount of teams for random team mode, and whether force start works with every controller or only players who pushed the trigger button.
  • Holding down the trigger button for two seconds in admin mode will force start the game.

For further settings such as turning off audio (play_audio) or changing the colors of controllers please edit the joustsettings.yaml file in the Joustmania folder.

Web Interface

Joustmania can also be controlled via a web browser on your laptop or smartphone. If your Pi is on a network, use the IP address of your Pi (for example, Alternatively, you can turn your Pi in to an access point and connect your device directly to it. To enable this, run the command

sudo ./

Note that this disables normal Wi-Fi on the Pi, the ethernet connection should still work however. The default SSID is "JOUSTMANIA" and the default password is "joustmania"; both (and other) settings may be adjusted in the apfiles/hostapd.conf file before running

To connect to the game, go to http://joust.mania in your web browser, you may have to disable LTE on mobile. To disable the access point and restore Wi-Fi, run the command

sudo ./

Custom Music

  • JoustMania comes with a couple of pre-installed default songs.
  • Play your own music, by copying it into the respective folders: /audio/(Joust, Zombie, Commander)/music/
  • Supports Mp3, Wav, Ogg, flac and others Here,
  • All music and audio can be disabled by changing play_audio = False in joustsettings.yaml, this will also disable tempo sensitivity changes for each game mode
  • two different menu voices can be selected, either aaron or ivy, you can change this via the menu_voice setting in joustsettings.yaml

Game Rules and Variants

  • Keep your controller still while trying to jostle others.
  • If your controller is jostled, then you are out of the game!
  • The music is tied to the gameplay, the faster the music the faster you can move
  • Minimum and recommended player count is listed next to every game mode
  • Extended rules can be found on the Wiki

Joust Free-for-All (2+ players)

  • This is the first mode that JoustMania boots to
  • The most basic version of Joust; be the last one standing!

Joust Teams (Minimum 3+ players, 4+ players recommended)

  • This game is the same as Joust Free-for-All however at the beginning players select their team color with the big button in the middle of their controller
  • There are six teams to select from

Joust Random Teams (3+ players)

  • Same as Joust Teams, however the teams are randomly assigned at start of play
  • There are 2-4 teams in this mode, depending on number of players

Traitors (Minimum 6+ players, 9+ players recommended)

  • Two or three teams face off against one another, however there is a traitor on every team
  • Traitors are on an additional secret team
  • If you controller vibrates during the start countdown, you are a traitor!

Werewolves (Minimum 3+ players, 6+ players recommended)

  • Hidden werewolves are selected at the beginning of the game.
  • When the countdown starts the werewolf will feel a vibration, letting that player know they are a werewolf
  • After a short period of time, werewolves will be revealed
  • Werewolves win only if they are the last remaining

Zombies (Minimum 4+ players, 10+ players recommended)

  • Two players start out as zombies, and try to infect the humans
  • Humans can shoot random zombies with bullets
  • Bullets are randomly assigned as loot from killing zombies
  • Humans try to survive for a couple of minutes, otherwise zombies win!

Commander (Minimum 4+ players, 6+ players recommended)

  • Players are split into two teams
  • One commander is chosen for each side, if this commander dies, the other team wins
  • Commanders can activate special abilities that helps their team win

Swapper (Minimum 3+ players, 4+ players recommended)

  • Players start on two teams
  • When you die, you switch to the other team
  • The last person remaining does not switch

Fight Club (2+ Players)

  • Two players fight eachother
  • The loser goes to the back of the line
  • The winner gains a point
  • The player with the most points at the end wins.

Tournament (3+ players)

  • Everyone is paired up 1v1 via controller colors
  • If your controller is white, wait to be assigned to a new player
  • The last person remaining wins!

Non Stop Joust (2+ players)

  • Same as FFA, however when you die you respawn
  • The player that died the least at the end of the 2.5 minute round wins!

Ninja Bomb (2+ players)

  • Players stand in a circle each holding a controller
  • Players press A to join the game.
  • A bomb is passed around by pressing the A button, if held too long it will explode
  • Players can try to pass a traps in order to fake out their opponents.
  • If a player presses A or trigger while holding a trap, they explode
  • Traps are passed by holding the trigger-button half way, too much or too little and you'll give yourself away
  • Traps can also be countered by pressing any of the four front buttons.
  • Players have two lives, the last player remaining wins!

Convention/Random mode

  • This mode allows for multiple game types to be randomly rotated with instructions played before each game
  • Random mode defaults to FFA, Random Teams, Werewolves, and Swapper, more game modes can be added or removed as an Admin or via the web interface (see above)
  • Modes with an insufficient number of players will be ignored, if none are available Joust Free-for-All is selected

Support and funding

If you love this game you can support its development by helping out with my patreon here:

We also have some great contributors if you would you like to help out with development, or find any bug fixes we would be happy to test them out and incorperate them into the repo!