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ntfy | Send push notifications to your phone or desktop via PUT/POST

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ntfy (pronounce: notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service. It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, entirely without signup or cost. It's also open source (as you can plainly see) if you want to run your own.

I run a free version of it at, and there's an open source Android app too.


Getting started | Android/iOS | API | Install / Self-hosting | Building


I welcome any and all contributions. Just create a PR or an issue.

Contact me

You can directly contact me on Discord or on Matrix (bridged from Discord), or via the GitHub issues, or find more contact information on my website.


Made with ❤️ by Philipp C. Heckel.
The project is dual licensed under the Apache License 2.0 and the GPLv2 License.

Third party libraries and resources: