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BAnOCC Tutorial

BAnOCC (Bayesian Analysis of Compositional Correlations) is a novel Bayesian model to infer appropriate associations between features in compositional data.

Support is available: bioBakery Support Forum. Feel free to join the forum or to post any questions directly.

Table of Contents



1. Setup

1.1 Requirements

  • R software (version >= 3.3)
  • Plus the following R packages: rstan, mvtnorm, coda, and stringr

1.2 Installation

Install BAnOCC by first obtaining the source code. Then install the dependencies and install the software. Run the following commands to install BAnOCC and its dependencies. :

$ git clone 
$ R -q -e "install.packages(c('rstan', 'mvtnorm', 'coda', 'stringr'), repos='')"
$ R CMD INSTALL banocc

Under construction: Check back soon for more updates!