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A newer version is already available! Please don’t use this version anymore.
Binaries have been removed as this release is superseded by v1.1.7

Release notes

This version includes important improvements which require that all traders update for compatibility reasons.
Trader chat enables users to have direct encrypted communication during the trade to resolve minor problems.
Mediation is an additional dispute resolution layer before a trade goes to arbitration. Mediators do not have a key in the multisig escrow, so they can only evaluate a situation and make a suggestion. If this suggestion is accepted by both traders, the trade can be completed without involving an arbitrator. Otherwise, the trade goes to arbitration. See more information here.
For backward compatibility reasons, mediation will be activated in 2 steps.

  • By September 19, all traders need to have updated to v1.1.6, or they will not be able to trade.
  • On September 26, mediation will become available.

Additionally this version features a dark mode, adds Japan Bank transfer and we've lifted the 0.01 BTC limit for all markets except USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD and BRL.









Added 14 new asset: DarkPay (D4RK), Emercoin (EMC), Ergo (ERG), Know Your Developer (KYDC), Kore (KORE), Masari (MSR), Particl (PART), PENG Coin (PENG), SixEleven (SIL), Solo (XSL), VARIUS Coin (VARIUS), Vertcoin (VTC), WORX Coin (WORX)


Url of the signing key (Christoph Atteneder):
Full fingerprint: CB36 D7D2 EBB2 E35D 9B75 500B CD5D C1C5 29CD FD3B

Import the key:
curl | gpg --import
GPG prints a confusion warning: "This key is not certified with a trusted signature!" - See for background information what it means.

How to verify signatures?
gpg --digest-algo SHA256 --verify BINARY{.asc*,}
Replace BINARY with the file you downloaded (e.g. Bisq-1.1.6.dmg)

Verify jar file inside binary:
You can verify on OSX the jar file with:
shasum -a256 [PATH TO BISQ APP]/
The output need to match the value from the Bisq-1.1.6.jar.txt file.

Known issues with installation


There is a known issue with Anti Virus software. We got several reports from users running into different problems. Either the AV software blocks Bisq or Tor, delete files in the data directory [2] or app directory [1]) or cause such a long delay at startup that Tor gets terminated and a file remains locked which can cause that Bisq cannot be started afterwards. To resolve that you need to restart Windows then the lock get released. We are working on solutions to fix those issues.

If you use Crypto currencies on your Windows system be aware that Windows is much more vulnerable to malware than Linux or OSX. Consider to use a dedicated non-Windows system when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

[1] Application directory (contains application installation files):

[2] Data directory (contains all Bisq data including wallet):
C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bisq\btc_mainnet\tor (you can delete everything except the hiddenservice directory)


Hint for Debian users:
If you have problems starting Bisq on Debian use: /opt/Bisq/Bisq

If your Linux distro does not support .deb files please follow this instruction:

cd ~/Downloads  
mkdir tmp  
cd tmp   
ar x ../Bisq-64bit-1.1.6.deb  
sudo tar Jxvf data.tar.xz  
sudo cp -rp opt/Bisq /opt/

That instruction is not tested on many different distros. If you encounter problems please report it in a Github issue so we can improve it.

Cleanup tool for saved trades that failed market price check

With this release we are also shipping a cleanup tool (Bisq-cleanup-trades*). It will remove corrupt trade entries added due to bug #2924. Install and run once, it will shut down automatically, then install version 1.1.6 or later. You can verify the binary the same way as you do with the Bisq application.