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Keyboard Shortcuts

Harry-the-Wanderer edited this page Jul 5, 2016 · 3 revisions
Key What it does
esc Select Add Thang
delete, del, backspace Delete Selected Thang
ctrl+z, ⌘+z Undo
ctrl+shift+z, ⌘+shift+z Redo
alt+c Toggle Collision View
left Move Selected Thang Left
right Move Selected Thang Right
up Move Selected Thang Up
down Move Selected Thang Down
alt+left Rotate Thang Left
alt+right Rotate Thang Right
alt+up Rotate Thang Up
alt+down Rotate Thang Down
alt+shift+left Rotate Thang By Math.PI / 16
alt+shift+right Rotate Thang By -Math.PI / 16
shift+left Make Thang Thinner
shift+right Make Thang Fatter
shift+up Make Thang Taller
shift+down Make Thang Shorter
ctrl+, ⌘+\ Toggle Debug Mode
alt+click Create clone, click again to place
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