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Gauzy™ - Fair Profits Sharing Platform for modern agencies and studios
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FOSSA Status

Gauzy™ - Fair Profits Sharing Open-Source Platform

  • Open-Source Software solving fair sharing of technology.
  • Stock Options solving fair sharing of profits in the future.
  • Gauzy solving fair sharing of profits today.

Why project named "Gauzy"?

Because we believe in full transparency ("Gauzy" - "Transparent") and for our growing IT company we need to invent some process, which will make profits sharing simple and fair!

Ruslan, 20 May 2019

Who (will) use Gauzy and Why?

Gauzy created for IT Service companies (agencies), where the engineering department employee receives monthly bonuses based on company profits generated from employee work for company clients. We believe it's a better way to distribute profits fairly with employees compared to other solutions and it should dramatically increase employees motivation and decrease retention!

Alternatives analysis:

  • In most cases, revenue (income) sharing does not target software developers (but target sales people instead) or provide benefits only on some event (e.g. “shares” used only when company sold, employee leaves or after some vesting period). In all such cases, employee got "delayed" benefits, sometimes for years! Instead, we want some solution which works on a monthly basis!
  • Some solutions such as yearly bonuses are good and simple, but they value usually related very little to employee performance (who is doing such evaluation and how?), which is very hard to evaluate fairly over a year of work period. More so, it's common to pay some fixed bonuses (e.g. a monthly salary value paid once a year). More so, in modern engineering it is possible to gain significant skills growth over shorter periods than one year and having monthly recalculated bonuses will provide employees with faster income increase... That should motivate employees to learn new (or upgrade existed) skills as quickly as possible to be able to get bigger bonuses next month, not year! (e.g. “if I learn new skill/tool/platform/framework now, I will be able to get $X more per hour from our company clients and so my bonus will be bigger next month!”). So, there is going to be a direct correlation between employee skills changes and bonus value paid on montly basis!

We believe Gauzy Platform will make our own agency more transparent & fair to our own employees (and customers too). For now, we consider Gauzy as an our internal experiment, which we hope other companies will join if it proves itself to be at least some sort of success! ;) So, running IT Agency? Join "Gauzy" revolution now!

How to use Gauzy?

  • Enter % of income you want to share as a bonus with employees next month (e.g. 60% to employee, 40% to company).
  • Enter Income for the past month, generated by each employee from work done for company clients.
  • Enter Expenses (optionally) for specific employee, e.g. cost of Visual Studio per month used by employee, cost of Antivirus for one employee, cost of office space, etc. Note: such expenses could be different for different employees (e.g. one employee can use free VS Code, while another employee can use paid VS Professional)
  • Enter some fixed Monthly Expenses for each employee, such as monthly salary value, taxes to be paid from salary, etc.
  • See bonus value automatically calculated and displayed in Dashboard using simple formulas:
Net Income = Income - Expenses - Fixed Monthly Expenses (Salary, Taxes, etc) 
Total Bonus = % from Net Income (e.g. equal to Net Income * 0.6 for 60% bonus to employee)

Quick Start

  • Install and run latest PostgreSQL (optionally, other DB can be configured manually).
  • Install Yarn (if you don't have it) with npm i -g yarn
  • Install NPM packages with yarn install
  • Run API with yarn start:api (by default runs on http://localhost:3000/api)
  • Run Gauzy front-end with yarn start
  • Open http://localhost:4200 in your browser

Note: during the first API start, DB will be automatically seed with initial data if no users found. You can run seed any moment manually (e.g. if you changed entities schemas) with yarn run seed command to re-initialize DB (warning: unsafe for production!).

Technology Stack

Note: thanks to TypeORM, Gauzy will support lots of DBs: MySql, MariaDb, PostgreSQL, CockroachDb, sqlite, MS SQL, Oracle, MongoDb and others, with minimal changes.

See also and files in relevant folders for lists of libraries and software included in the Platform, information about licenses and other details.

How to use Nx

Please see our Wiki page about Nx usage


  • Please give us ⭐️ on Github, it helps!
  • You are more than welcome to submit feature requests
  • Pull requests are always welcome! Please base pull requests against the develop branch and follow the contributing guide.

Collaborators and Contributors

Development Team


Developers (alphabetical order)

Designers & QA


Contact Us


Gauzy™ follows good security practices, but 100% security cannot be guaranteed in any software!
Gauzy™ is provided AS IS without any warranty. Use at your own risk!
See more details in the LICENSE.

In a production setup, all client-side to server-side (backend, APIs) communications should be encrypted using HTTPS/WSS/SSL (REST APIs, GraphQL endpoint, WebSockets, etc.).


This software is available under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the corresponding licenses described in the LICENSE files located in software sub-folders and under the terms of licenses described in individual files.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

You should have received a copy of the relevant GNU Licenses along with this program. If not, see

FOSSA Status


Gauzy™ is a trademark of Ever Co. LTD.
All other brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders.

Copyright © 2019, Ever Co. LTD. All rights reserved.

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