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Accelerate your robotics development

Foxglove Studio

Download   •   Docs   •   Blog   •   Slack   •   Twitter   •   Contact Us

Foxglove is an integrated visualization and diagnosis tool for robotics.

Foxglove Studio screenshot

To learn more, visit the following resources:

About  •  Documentation  •  Release notes  •  Blog

You can join us on the following platforms to ask questions, share feedback, and stay up to date on what our team is working on:

GitHub Discussions  •  Slack  •  Newsletter  •  Twitter  •  LinkedIn


Foxglove Studio is available online at, or desktop releases can be downloaded from

Open Source

Foxglove Studio follows an open core licensing model. Most functionality is available in this repository, and can be reproduced or modified per the terms of the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

The official binary distributions available at or incorporate some closed-source functionality, such as integration with Foxglove Data Platform, multiple layouts, private extensions, and more. For more information on free and paid features, see our Pricing.


Foxglove Studio can be self-hosted using our docker image. Please note that this build does not contain any closed source functionality.

docker run --rm -p "8080:8080"

Foxglove Studio will be accessible in your browser at localhost:8080.

Overriding the default layout

Bind-mount a layout JSON file at /foxglove/default-layout.json to set the default layout used when loading Studio from the Docker image.

docker run --rm -p "8080:8080" -v /path/to/custom_layout.json:/foxglove/default-layout.json


Foxglove Studio is written in TypeScript – contributions are welcome!

Note: All contributors must agree to our Contributor License Agreement. See for more details.


Foxglove Studio originally began as a fork of Webviz, an open source project developed by Cruise. Most of the Webviz code has been rewritten, but some files still carry a Cruise license header where appropriate.