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Support for Apple fMP4 adaptive streaming format

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GPAC's wiki has moved to

This github wiki will no longer be updated.

You can contribute to GPAC's documentation here.

Apple has announced during WWDC2016 the support for fragmented MP4 files in HLS:

We have been adding support in GPAC for fmp4 HLS, both at the client side and at MP4Box side. You can translate a fmp4 m3u8 manifest into a DASH manifest:

For DASH main profile (using segment lists):

MP4Box -mpd source.m3u8

For DASH live profile (using segment template):

MP4Box -use-template  -mpd source.m3u8

Here is GPAC playing the demo fmp4 stream for Apple (


This is early stage work, feedback is of course welcome !

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