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Video output

Register name used to load filter: vout

This filter displays a single visual pid in a window.
The window is created unless a window handle (HWND, xWindow, etc) is indicated in the config file ( [Temp]OSWnd=ptr).
The output uses GPAC video output module indicated in drv option or in the config file (see GPAC core help).
The video output module can be further configured (see GPAC core help).
The filter can use openGL or 2D blitter of the graphics card, depending on the OS support.
The filter can be used do dump frames as written on the grapics card.
In this case, the window is not visible and only the listed frames are drawn to the GPU.
The pixel format of the dumped frame is always RGB in OpenGL and matches the video backbuffer format in 2D mode.


drv (string): video driver name
vsync (boolean, default: true): enable video screen sync
drop (boolean, default: false): enable droping late frames
disp (enum, default: gl): display mode

  • gl: OpenGL
  • pbo: OpenGL with PBO
  • blit: 2D hardware blit
  • soft: software blit

start (number, default: 0.0): set playback start offset. Negative value means percent of media dur with -1 <=> dur
dur (64-bit fraction, default: 0): only play the specified duration
speed (number, default: 1.0): set playback speed when vsync is on. If speed is negative and start is 0, start is set to -1
hold (number, default: 1.0): number of seconds to hold display for single-frame streams. A negative value force a hold on last frame for single or multi-frames streams
linear (boolean, default: false): use linear filtering instead of nearest pixel for GL mode
back (unsigned int, default: 0x808080): back color for transparent images
wsize (vec2d int, default: -1x-1): default init window size. 0x0 holds the window size of the first frame. Negative values indicate video media size
wpos (vec2d int, default: -1x-1): default position (0,0 top-left)
delay (fraction, default: 0, updatable): set delay, positive value displays after audio clock
hide (boolean, default: false): hide output window
fullscreen (boolean, default: false): use fullcreen
buffer (unsigned int, default: 100): set buffer in ms
dumpframes (uint list): ordered list of frames to dump, 1 being first frame - see filter help. Special value 0 means dump all frames.
out (string, default: dump): radical of dump frame filenames. If no extension is provided, frames are exported as $OUT_%d.PFMT.

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