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Improving a translation or adding a new languange


We have a Transifex project.

Translating over Freenet

If you don't want to use Transifex, Freenet has support for writing translations.

To begin a translation for a language which is not yet included, do this first:

  1. Go to Configuration > Core settings.
  2. Under "The language Freenet will use to display messages" select unlisted.
  3. Click Apply.

To edit a translation:

  1. Go to Configuration > Translation.
  2. Update translations as desired with the "update the translation" links.

To submit your translation to the developers:

  1. Go to Configuration > Translation
  2. Click Download your translations file
  3. Contact the developers:
    1. IRC
    2. Mailing list
    3. Pull request

List of FProxy translators

Please add yourself to the list if you start working on a translation.

language contact status
Chinese yongjhen yongjhen@alqualonde.freemail ??
Danish mastersrp mastersrp@t3hgamer.freemail ??
Dutch ?? ??
Farsi ?? ??
Finnish ?? ??
French Morrio Started
German ?? ??
Italian ?? ??
Japanese koriiroxx on Freenode Started
Norwegian ?? ??
Polish ?? ??
Portuguese manuelarodsilva < 43%
Russian NightAn ??
Slovak ?? ??
Swedish ?? ??

See here for string updates.

Windows Installer

Translations for the Windows installer are managed in the project's Windows Installer repository on GitHub. You can either open a pull request with new or updated translations, or send them to the devl mailing list.

List of existing translations

Linux Installer

To translate the Linux installer, please do as following:

  1. Get the l10n file associated to the language you want to translate to from here
  2. Translate the strings, taking care of NOT breaking the encoding specified on top of the file.
  3. Ensure that the following ids are defined:

<str id="base.description" txt=""/>

<str id="license.description" txt=""/>

<str id="windows.description" txt=""/>

<str id="unix.description" txt=""/>

<str id="uninstall.description" txt=""/>

<str id="autoupdater.description" txt=""/>

<str id="stun.description" txt=""/>

<str id="librarian.description" txt=""/>

<str id="jsite.description" txt=""/>

<str id="frost.description" txt=""/>

<str id="thaw.description" txt=""/>

Mac Installer

To translate new parts of the Mac Installer/Tray App or refine existing translations, just edit the translations on the Transifex page for it, then send a message to the devl mailing list.

Finally, send the file to