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Immersive Web at W3C

This is the union of the Immersive Web Community Group and Immersive Web Working Group at the W3C.


  1. webxr Public

    Repository for the WebXR Device API Specification.

    Bikeshed 2.7k 379

  2. Repository for the WebXR Gamepads Module

    Bikeshed 26 10

  3. Samples to demonstrate use of the WebXR Device API

    HTML 804 397

  4. Use the WebXR Device API today, providing fallbacks to native WebVR 1.1 and Cardboard

    JavaScript 333 80

  5. proposals Public

    Initial proposals for future Immersive Web work (see README)

    92 11

  6. A repo for managing the adminstrative tasks of the Immersive Web Group.

    23 21


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