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A collection of ink samples, tools and a list of projects that use ink
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ink Library

This is a collection of ink resources, samples, tools as well as a running list of projects that use ink. It's an attempt to catalogue everythink in one place.

We're open to pull requests, so feel free to submit any sample ink, tools that you've found useful, or a link to your own project or game.

Ink Patreon

Inkle has a patreon page full of tips and tricks, please consider donating if you make use of ink!

Ink samples

  • Snippets - re-useable functions, examples of techniques, etc.
  • Stories - entire playable stories written in ink.

If you want to submit a sample, please make sure to put a header comment at the top of your (main) file that gives an overview of your snippet, or an overview of your story.

Please be aware that any sample content contributed to this repo becomes MIT licensed.

Ink Tools

Ink Engine ports, wrappers and integration

The repositories marked with ⭐️ are compatible with the latest version of Ink. Warning: the others may be incomplete or works in progress.

  • Ink-Unity-integration ⭐️- Official integration for Unity from inkle.
  • inkjs ⭐️ – A javascript port of inkle's ink scripting language.
  • blade-ink ⭐️ – Inkle Ink runtime implementation in Java.
  • inkgd ⭐️ – Implementation of Ink in pure GDScript for Godot engine.
  • godot-ink - Integration with Godot game engine.
  • UnrealInk - Integration of the Ink language into Unreal 4.
  • mica-ink – A Kotlin implementation of inkle's open source scripting language (ink) for writing interactive narrative.
  • inkhaxe – Ink port from C# to Haxe.
  • inkrs – A port/rewrite of inkle/ink in rust.
  • pink – An attempt to implement a subset of ink in lpeg.
  • ink-iOS – An iOS wrapper for the JavaScript port (see above) of Inkle's Ink scripting language.

Editors and extensions


  • Inky - Inky is the offical ink editor developed by inkle.
  • Quill – Quill is an online tool for playing and sandbox testing Ink stories.
  • Ink Language Server – A language server for inkle's Ink, that adheres to the Language Server Protocol (LSP).

Atom extensions

VS Code extensions

Frameworks, templates and command line utilities

  • ink-soaked - A template for creating hypertext fiction that acts like most Twine story formats.
  • ink-vn-engine - An engine for building browser-based visual novels with ink.
  • Mutter – A framework for building bot brains.
  • Paper Engine – Paper Engine is designed to allow game writers to create (nearly) their entire (more than Text) game without ever leaving Ink.
  • Atrament – A simple interface to Inkjs, which can be used as a core engine for your game app.
  • Blotter – A front-end engine for publishing Ink stories on the web.
  • Gall – A a simple command-line tool for assembling Ink stories with Blotter.
  • PalimpsestNW – A basic template for deploying a game written in ink as a stand-alone desktop app.
  • inkphone – A sample app demonstrating how to turn a web-based Ink project into a mobile app with PhoneGap.
  • StoryBytes Android / StoryBytes Desktop – Story viewer built on top of blade-ink.

Ink games (and non-games!)

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