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Awesome status pages Awesome

Awesome list of status pages open source software, online services and public status pages of major internet companies

Table of contents


  • Cachet - Laravel based status page system for everyone. (Discontinued / Un-Supported)
  • ClearStatus - Hugo-based status page, supports Netlify. Supports events from Github, Gitlab or any git repo with markdown.
  • ciao - checks HTTP(S) URL endpoints for a HTTP status code (or errors on the lower TCP stack) and sends a notification on status change via E-Mail or Webhooks.
  • Corestats - (Discontinued / Un-Supported)
  • cState - Simple, dev friendly, and free to host (Netlify & GitHub Pages)
  • django-statusboard - Django status page application with browser and REST interface.
  • Gatus - Automated service health dashboard
  • Issue Status - Simple, modern and flexible status page
  • Kardio - Simple Health Status Tool with Rich UI for Services deployed on Kubernetes and other platforms.
  • LambStatus (Discontinued / Un-Supported)
  • Monitoror - monitoring wallboard
  • Okazanta - Modern open source status page software written in Laravel/PHP (fork of Cachet)
  • Server-Status
  • StashBoard - Python, for Google App Engine (Deprecated)
  • Static status - Bash script to generate a static status page
  • statping-ng - Actively maintained fork of statping/statping
  • Statsig's Status Page - A simple, pure html/js, zero-dependency status page powered by GitHub Pages and Actions.
  • Statusfy (Discontinued / Un-Supported)
  • StatusOK
  • statuspage - Simple self-hosted open source status page site written in Django (inspired by Cachet) (Discontinued)
  • Staytus
  • health_check - Simple health check of Rails app for use with uptime checking sites like newrelic and pingdom
  • status-page - Mountable status page for your Rails application, to check Cache, Redis, Sidekiq
  • health-monitor-rails - A Rails plugin which provides a health checking and monitoring API of various services and application aspects
  • Vigil - Microservices Status Page. Monitors a distributed infrastructure and sends alerts (Slack, SMS, etc.).
  • Statusimo - A PowerShell module that is able to generate a status page entirely from PowerShell.
  • Workers Status Page - Cloudflare Workers (completely on the edge) powered monitoring & status page.
  • Upptime - monitor and status page powered by GitHub
  • Uptimon - A PHP powered status page/monitoring solution. (Looks like project removed or set to private)
  • Uptime-Kuma - A self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot".
  • Tinystatus - A tiny static status page generator (written in pure shell)
  • Status-Page - Self-hosted status page site written in Django


Public status pages

Hosting and Cloud


Awesome list of status page open source software, services and public status pages of major internet companies








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