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Jellyfin app for Roku

Part of the Jellyfin Project

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GPL 2.0 License Current Release Translation status
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The Jellyfin Roku App is a Jellyfin client for Roku Devices. This is still very much a work in progress, so we would encourage you to get involved if you can.

Getting Started

Stable Release (Recommended!)

The full released version of the channel is available on the Roku Channel Store.

Beta Release

If you want, you can install the Beta version by clicking here.

Getting Involved

No matter what your interests or skill are, you can help to make this client better for everyone by simply using the client and letting us know if you find a problem with it. Either give us a shout on matrix or create a github issue.

Feature requests are always welcome too, but please have a read though the existing issues to see if someone has already raised one for something similar.

If you can live with a slightly less stable version of the client, then install the beta version of the client from the beta release link above and give us some feedback.

If you fancy some development, then read the DEVGUIDE to find out the best ways to help.