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Get your own MIST board e.g. from Lotharek in Poland, Dragonbox shop in Germany, AMedia in France, Amigastore in Spain or Retrolemon in UK

The MIST board was designed to implement classic 16 bit computers like the Amiga, Atari ST(E) or the Apple Macintosh (and even early 32 bit computers like the Acorn Archimedes) as a System-on-a-Chip using modern hardware. But it equally well supports 8 bit systems like the Atari 800/XL, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari VCS, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Apple II, Sega Master System, Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo NES, Odyssey2 plus others and 16 bit consoles SNES, Genesis/Megadrive, PC Engine. It also supports over 250 Arcade games!

The MIST board is not about emulation. It's about the re-implementation of the original hardware itself in so-called FPGAs.

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Latest news

Date News
12-Sept-2022 Minimig-AGA got ATAPI CD-ROM support with CD audio playing. Arcade news: Irem M72 by Martin Donlon is in Gehstock's repo.
30-March-2022 MiSTery supports the Cubase dongle internally
15-July-2021 PC Next186 core ported by Gyurco, PC MSDOS on the MiST!!!
04-July-2021 Jotego releases CPS2 arcade games.
QL speed selection and keyboard fixes.
27-June-2021 QL adds second microdrive and ROM selection support
25-May-2021 Firmware update supports exFAT with large(>4Gib) files.
PCEngine/TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM support!
08-Mar-2021 ZX Spectrum Next core ported by Gyurco.
19-Jan-2021 Had to change the 100+ Arcade games to 200+ Arcade games.
23-Dec-2020 The latest firmware supports saving NVRAM from cores into .RAM files. Midway MCR2/MCR3/Spy Hunter, Williams Defender/Robotron and Jotegos' CPS15 got support for saving service menu settings and high scores.
14-Sep-2020 Minimig-AGA got RTG and C2P support by Alastair M. Robinson. Get it from, then prepare for Doom Attack! Update: the core binary is at the usual place.
08-Sep-2020 New core: TI-99/4A.
21-Aug-2020 Lots of work done in recent months on many cores. Improvements/fixes for ZX Spectrum, Amiga, C64, A2600, MiSTery. Audio clock fixes in Archimedes. Alternative Amstrad CPC core. Jotego releases arcade cores Bubble Bobble & Tokio.
30-May-2020 BBC Micro core has been updated with Master 128 mode & floppy disc, better video and improved timings. Mode 7 now displays using interlaced output (like the original hardware)
23-May-2020 Capcom CPS Arcade core released by Jotego. Use the MRA tool to create ROMS & ARC files for it and get the MRA files from Jotego's site. Upgrade to the latest firmware.
21-May-2020 Experimental General Sound interface in the ZX Spectrum core. Need to update the ROM file also.
16-May-2020 The Archimedes finally supports saving the CMOS RAM. It needs a firmware update, too.
02-May-2020 Don't forget to check your favourite demo in the C64 core. Massive fixes in every components, especially in the VIC-II chip!
31-Jan-2020 More stunning Arcade cores from Gehstock & Gyurco: Williams Bubbles, Joust, Robotron 2084, Sinistar, Splat, Stargate, (and Defender fixes) in Gehstock collection.
23-Jan-2020 Atari 2600 fixed by gyurco. Haunted House now works! Arcade cores Rampage,Journey,Power Drive,Sarge,Sky Skipper,Max RPM & Tropical Angel released in Gehstock collection. Black Tiger released by Jotego
19-Dec-2019 Even more arcade cores in Gehstock's collection (Bomb Jack, Spy Hunter, Tapper, Timber, Atari Tetris and many more!)
18-Nov-2019 Jotego releases more Arcade cores (Commando, Vulgus, Tiger Road, Bionic Commando, GunSmoke)
26-Sep-2019 Nintendo SNES core ported to MIST by gyurco! Port of srg320's core.
20-Aug-2019 New Atari ST/STe core based on original schematics and many cycle-exact components.
20-May-2019 Finally the main 8-bit cores got native tape format support: TAP for C64, C16 and VIC-20, TZX for ZX-Spectrum and CDT for Sorgelig's Amstrad CPC and Renaud Helias' Amstrad
29-Apr-2019 New 1943 arcade game from Jose Tejada (Jotego).
19-Jan-2019 New Ghost'n Goblins arcade game from Jose Tejada (Jotego).

These project pages contain the source code for the firmware of the MIST FPGA board as well as e.g. the Atari ST and Amiga FPGA cores.

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