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Configurable VIM distribution bundled with plugins managed by NeoBundle manager also with:

  • configurable by ~/.vimrc.local and ~/.vimrc.bundles.local
  • useful dashboard with bookmarks and sessions handling (vim-startify)
  • presentation mode in vim (vim-presenting)
  • notes handling (vim-notes)

Final layout inspired by


vim startup script


  1. Clone git clone git:// ~/.vim
  2. Enter directory cd ~/.vim
  3. Run make test to make sure you have vim compiled with python and lua.
  4. Run make install
  5. Start vim or gvim, or nvim

Python editing

For python editing install also:

  • pip install flake8 jedi


Run make update


  • ~/.vimrc.bundles.local - to put your additional plugins
  • ~/.vimrc.local - loaded after all plugins; used to configure / reconfigure plugins and local settings

If you want to install additional plugins, add them to ~/.vimrc.bundles.local file.

Included plugins

Non Lazy-Loaded Plugins

Name Description
neobundle Package manager
vimproc Interactive command execution
cursorword Underlines rod under cursor
gitbranch Lightweight git branch detection
gitgutter Shows git diffs in the gutter
signature Place, toggle and display marks
indent-guides Visually displaying indent levels
session Handle vim sessions
vim-startify Start screen with bookmarks
nerdtree Tree file browser
vim-notes Notes handling
colorschemes Awesome color-schemes
file-line Allow opening a file in a given line
neomru MRU source for Unite
tinyline Tiny great looking statusline
tagabana Central location for all tags
bookmarks Bookmarks, works independently from vim marks
tmux-navigator Seamless navigation between tmux panes and vim splits
localrc Enable configuration file of each directory
tagbar Display tags of the current file

Lazy-Loaded plugins


Name Description
html5 HTML5 omnicomplete and syntax
mustache Mustache and handlebars syntax
markdown Markdown syntax highlighting
ansible-yaml Additional support for Ansible
jinja Jinja support in vim
less Syntax for LESS
css3-syntax CSS3 syntax support to vim's built-in syntax/css.vim
csv Handling column separated data
pep8-indent Nicer Python indentation
logstash Highlights logstash configuration files
tmux vim plugin for tmux.conf
json Better JSON support
toml Syntax for TOML
i3 i3 window manager config syntax
Dockerfile syntax and snippets for Dockerfile
go Go development
jedi-vim Python jedi autocompletion library
ruby Ruby configuration files
portfile Macports portfile configuration files
javascript Enhanced Javascript syntax
javascript-indent Javascript indent script
tern Provides Tern-based JavaScript editing support
php Up-to-date PHP syntax file
phpfold PHP folding
phpcomplete Improved PHP omnicompletion
phpindent PHP official indenting
phpspec PhpSpec integration


Name Description
vimfiler Powerful file explorer
tinycomment Robust but light-weight commenting
vinarise Hex editor
syntastic Syntax checking hacks
gita An awesome git handling plugin
gista Manipulate gists in Vim
undotree Ultimate undo history visualizer
incsearch Improved incremental searching
expand-region Visually select increasingly larger regions of text
open-browser Open URI with your favorite browser
prettyprint Pretty-print vim variables
quickrun Run commands quickly
ref Integrated reference viewer
dictionary interface
vimwiki Personal Wiki for Vim
thesaurus Look up words in an online thesaurus
goyo Distraction-free writing
limelight Hyperfocus-writing
matchit Intelligent pair matching
indentline Display vertical indention lines
choosewin Choose window to use, like tmux's 'display-pane'
session Extended session management


Name Description
delimitmate Insert mode auto-completion for quotes, parens, brackets
echodoc Print objects' documentation in echo area
deoplete Neovim: Dark powered asynchronous completion framework
neocomplete Next generation completion framework
neosnippet Contains neocomplete snippets source


Name Description
unite Unite and create user interfaces
unite-colorscheme Browse colorschemes
unite-filetype Select file type
unite-history Browse history of command/search
unite-build Build with Unite interface
unite-outline File "outline" source for unite
unite-tag Tags source for Unite
unite-quickfix Quickfix source for Unite
neossh SSH interface for plugins
unite-pull-request GitHub pull-request source for Unite
junkfile Create temporary files for memo and testing
unite-issue Issue manager for JIRA and GitHub

Operators & Text Objects

Name Description
operator-user Define your own operator easily
operator-replace Operator to replace text with register content
operator-surround Operator to enclose text objects
textobj-user Create your own text objects
textobj-multiblock Handle multiple brackets objects







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