BIMsurfer Serializers

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Current serializers (used by and BIMsurfer)


This serializer writes the geometry in a binary format that in most cases can easily be send to GPU's. The source code should be quite self explanatory:


Because at this time, JavaScript is not able to load binary data in a streaming way, there is also a messaging implementation. This implementation sends the geometry in batches via WebSocket.

This serializer is used by and BIMsurfer.

Older serializers


This serializes the semantic information of the IFC model in JSON format. This contains no geometry. It's used by the sidebar showing the tree etc...

Example files:


Serializes the geometry in JSON. Right now this serializer is being called for every (enabled and existing) IfcProduct subtype.

Example files:

Even older serializers

The older serializers "SceneJSSerializer" and "StreamingSceneJSSerializer" are not used anymore.

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