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To make it easier to evaluate BIMserver, a cross platform executable build is created that allows you to run a BIMserver on your desktop computer. The executable is a JAR file, most operating systems allow you to double click the file to start running it.

(Windows) Make sure you do not put the .jar file in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) because Windows plays funky tricks with those directories [http://www.hanselman.com/blog/VistasShowCompatibilityFilesAndTheScrumptiousWonderThatIsFileVirtualization.aspx]

  • Make sure you have a recent version of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK), a JRE can be downloaded here http://java.com.
  • Download the latest JAR build from https://github.com/opensourceBIM/BIMserver/releases
  • Some browsers rename the JAR file, make sure it ends with ".jar"
  • Start the program by double clicking
  • Normally you wont have to change any settings and you can simply start the BIMserver by clicking "Start"

(OSX) You can change the default JVM under Applications | Utilities | Java Preferences, on some OSX installations this somehow defaults to Java 5 where the BIMserver needs version 6._

JAR Runner

Settings Meaning
JVM Allows for a JVM other than the default JVM to be selected
Home directory Location of the home directory, this is where the database, log files etc... are stored
Port The port must be free, and the firewall must be configured to allow listening on this port
Max heap size The amount of heap memory appointed to the instance JVM of the BIMserver, more heap means larger models can be stored/retrieved. The amount of heap is limited by the amount of memory available on your machine, but be sure to always save a few hundred of MB's to your OS and other applications. On 32-bit Windows computers, the limit is around 1500MB. A Typical BIMserver will need at least 2GB
Max Perm Size 256MB should be enough, if you are deploying a lot of plugins you might need more
Stack size The amount of stack size available for every thread, you are probably not ever going to need more than 512KB. With a stack size that is too low, you will be getting StackOverflowError messages