Serializer Plugin

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A serializer serializes an object model to a stream of data. Among the default serializers are: IFC2x3, IfcXml, CityGML and others. Most serializers will output a textbased format but that is not required.

Serializer plugins must implement SerializerPlugin interface

public interface SerializerPlugin extends Plugin {
	 * @return A serializer
	Serializer createSerializer(PluginConfiguration plugin);

	 * @return Whether this plugin will be needing geometry
	boolean needsGeometry();
public interface Serializer {
	void init(IfcModelInterface model, ProjectInfo projectInfo, PluginManager pluginManager, RenderEnginePlugin renderEnginePlugin, boolean normalizeOids) throws SerializerException;
	void writeToFile(File file) throws SerializerException;
	byte[] getBytes();
	IfcModelInterface getModel();
	InputStream getInputStream() throws IOException;
	void writeToOutputStream(OutputStream outputStream) throws SerializerException;
	void reset();

You can subclass EmfSerializer so you don't have to implement all methods.

You can subclass AbstractGeometrySerializer if your serializer is going to need triangulated geometry.

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