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First, make sure your Eclipse version has maven support, if it hasn't you need to install the m2e plugin first.

Create a new Maven project (you can also convert an existing project to a Maven project if you want).

Edit the pom.xml file. Add the following (make sure the version of the bimserverclientlib matches with the version of BIMserver you want to connect to):


Add a new Class

Copy and paste the following test-snippet:

import org.bimserver.client.BimServerClient;
import org.bimserver.client.json.JsonBimServerClientFactory;
import org.bimserver.shared.ChannelConnectionException;
import org.bimserver.shared.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationInfo;
import org.bimserver.shared.exceptions.BimServerClientException;
import org.bimserver.shared.exceptions.PublicInterfaceNotFoundException;
import org.bimserver.shared.exceptions.ServiceException;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            JsonBimServerClientFactory clientFactory = new JsonBimServerClientFactory("http://localhost:8080");
            BimServerClient client = clientFactory.create(new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationInfo("", "admin"));
            client.getServiceInterface().addProject("test", "ifc2x3tc1");
        } catch (BimServerClientException | ServiceException | ChannelConnectionException e) {
        } catch (PublicInterfaceNotFoundException e) {

Run as Java application

The results (note: When you run the application a second time, you will get an error saying the project name is already used).