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Information about usage and interpretation of the licenses of projects can be found on If you have any questions or remarks on the use of BIMserver in your project, please contact []

Licenses of projects

The code repository of consists of several different projects. Every project has its own license. Some projects are depending on each others code. A list of projects and their license:

Project License
AdminGUI AfferoGPLv3
BimServer AfferoGPLv3
BimServerClientLib AfferoGPLv3
BuildingSMARTLibrary AfferoGPLv3
Builds GPL, Affero and LGPL (all 3v) see GIT for details!
CityGML AfferoGPLv3
ClashDetection AfferoGPLv3
Collada AfferoGPLv3
DemoPlugins AfferoGPLv3
FileBasedObjectIDM GPLv3
GeneratedSOAPclient GPLv3
Ifc AfferoGPLv3
IFCEngine special non open source license (see GIT for details)
IfcPlugins AfferoGPLv3
JavaQueryEngine GPLv3
Mergers GPLv3
MiscSerializers GPLv3
SceneJS AfferoGPLv3
Shared AfferoGPLv3
TestData GPLv3
TestViewer GPLv3
Tests AfferoGPLv3
Tools AfferoGPLv3
Utils AfferoGPLv3
XsltSerializer AfferoGPLv3
ExampleSerializer GPLv3
ExampleDeserializer GPLv3

When license indications on this page or in GIT differ, the GIT (text in code) will prevail.


Information about the different licenses:





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