Installing without internet connection

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Starting with BIMserver 1.5.69 it is possible to install BIMserver plugins during the setup procedure when there is no working outgoing internet connection. This page describes how to do this. Mind you that this is not the recommended way to install plugins. If you have a working internet connection, just select the plugins you want during setup.

Selecting the plugins to install

You can browse to find plugins you want. Most people will just want to install the default BIMserver GUI called You can find here:

Make sure you download the JAR file of the most recent version.

JAR Runner

Please note that unfortunately the maven repository is cluttered with old versions. All the plugins that are completely undercased are the recent ones. has two dependencies which will not be automatically installed, so make sure to install those as well:

Installing the plugins

You can do this during the setup process in the "Plugins" tab.

JAR Runner