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Update: This is not the current roadmap

This is just a proposal, lots of changes expected

September 2015

  • Create roadmap
  • Standardize on topicId, downloadId, laid, longActionId etc... and document
  • Create calls to get information about "background" processes, also implement in
  • Extend Metrics with percentile info and more
  • Write more documentation (maybe work on scenarios)
  • Write a test that creates a 100GB database

Oktober 2015

  • Convert to maven, publish on maven repository
  • Load plugins on first use, to improve startup-time and memory consumption
  • Maybe don't unpack JAR's on disk for plugins
  • Setup a plugin repository (possibly using maven)
  • Move non-essential plugins to different git repositories
  • Deprecate code that will be removed
  • Remove Bimsie1 namespace from all code (also update bimserverapi.js,, BIMsurfer etc...)

November 2015

December 2015

January 2016

  • Move usage of EMF model from server side to client side

Februari 2016

  • Proof of concept scalable database implementation (branch)

Items to put on roadmap:

  • Create HA ability (at least with 2 servers, 1 in standby)
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