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PX4 Drone Autopilot

Professional Open Source Autopilot Stack


  1. PX4 Autopilot Software

    C++ 5.1k 11.5k

  2. PX4-ECL Public

    Estimation & Control Library for Guidance, Navigation and Control Applications

    C++ 342 473

  3. PX4 Bootloader for PX4FMU, PX4IO and PX4FLOW

    C 205 504

  4. Set of plugins, models and worlds to use with OSRF Gazebo Simulator in SITL and HITL.

    C++ 228 621

  5. PX4 avoidance ROS node for obstacle detection and avoidance.

    C++ 398 250

  6. PX4 User Guide

    Jupyter Notebook 122 611