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Crossword game artificial intelligence and analysis tool.

See LICENSE in this directory.

Building Quackle:

Quackle runs automated GitHub CI builds on Qt 5.12 and 5.15, so it should work with any Qt version in that range. See README.MacOS and README.Windows for platform-specific instructions. Generally:

Clone the repo or download the tarball and untar. Use qmake to build and quackleio/

qmake && make
cd quackleio && qmake && make && cd ..

Finally, build the main binary.

cd quacker && qmake && make

The binary will build as 'Quackle'. It might be found in the quacker directory or in the release subdirectory.

File organization:

  • quackle/ - libquackle sources. libquackle is the engine, and can be linked to any convenient interface. It does not use Qt.
  • quackle/quackleio/ - I/O library for Quackle. Implements stuff for accessing dictionaries, serializing GCG files, etc. Also, command-line option handling. This does have some modest dependencies on Qt.
  • quackle/quacker/ - code for full Quackle UI. Written in Qt, and requires libquackleio and libquackle.
  • quackle/makeminidawg/ - standalone console program for building Quackle dictionaries.
  • quackle/makegaddag/ - standalone console program for building gaddag files.
  • quackle/data/ - lexicons, strategy files, and alphabet resources for Quackle. In this directory is libquackle. Run qmake and then run make in this directory. Then cd to quackle/quackleio/, run qmake, and then run make.