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Comments Extension

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Install Will_Paginate

I recommend installing will_paginate as a gem on your system, but for other methods check out the will paginate wiki.

Add git hub as a gem source (if you have not already). Then install the will paginate gem.

sudo gem sources -a
sudo gem install mislav-will_paginate

Now add following to config/environment.rb:

 config.gem 'will_paginate', :version => '~> 2.3.11', :source => ''

For Site5 (and possibly other shared hosting):
Navigate to vendor/plugins

git clone git://

*Other ways to install will-paginate may cause 500 errors when clicking the “Comments” tab.

Install fastercsv

sudo gem install fastercsv


Comments needs action mailer, so uncomment “config.frameworks -= [ :action_mailer ]” in /config/environment.rb.

Install the Comments Extension

./script/extension install comments

(If this fails follow the manual installation instructions)

This will have created three snippets you can use.

Enable Comments

In your site layout (or another appropriate place), use the following code to display comment form:

<r:snippet name="comments" />

Enable comments on the page you want to.

For more info check out the readme.

(This and some other repositories are a bit outdated for radiant 0.7.1, I’m using sjlombardo’s fork successfully)

Set Akismet

Akismet is a spam blocking system with no CAPTCHA. Akismet provides a free service to personal users, all you need is a WordPress login and API key. (You get the api key in your welcome email when you sign up!)

To add the key, simply open up environment.rb and add the following at the very bottom of the file after the end of the Initializer block:

Radiant::Config['comments.akismet_key'] = "your key here"
Radiant::Config['comments.akismet_url'] = "your blog url here"

You should now have comments working.

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