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Copy Move Extension

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Copy/Move is a very useful extension that allows you to copy and move pages within your site. This is especially useful if you have got a page in the wrong place or needs to be categorized. Also, it comes in handy when you are just trying to create a new page based on an earlier one.


From the root of your Radiant project run:

./script/extension install copy_move

(If that fails try the manual installation method)

To complete installation, you need to ‘install’ it by using its Rake task – from the root of your Radiant site run:

rake production radiant:extensions:copy_move:update

This copies the images that Copy/Move uses to the public folder and runs and migrations necessary. Once this is done, you are restart your application server.


After installing the extension, log into your Radiant site and go to the Pages tab. Click on the new button called Copy/Move next to the name of a page.

Using the extension is really simple – in front of any of the pages that you want to copy or move, click on the Copy/Move button and it pops up a special interface for telling it what you want to do. Select the appropriate task and the status you want the new or moved page to have and click on OK.

Known Problems

There seems to be a problem with using CopyMove with Radiant 0.6.7 in the Development mode. This problem does not occur when in Production mode. A sample screenshot of the problem is at:

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