Installing on A Small Orange

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this article is STILL incomplete if you have successfully deployed Radiant to A Small Orange, AND you know what you are doing, documenting your experience here would be a tremendous help to the Radiant and A Small Orange communities alike.

A Small Orange has been a great web host so far. Radiant CMS is a content management system for publishing websites. I really recommend it for small teams, because it’s simple to use and easy to set up. Here’s a guide on how to set up RadiantCMS in a few minutes.

Things you should already know how to do

  • Know how to use the shell
  • Know how to use ssh
  • Know how to use cpanel

Quick and Dirty installation on ASO shared hosting

Firstly, a few caveats:

  • radiant isn’t currently compatible with ruby 1.9, the version of ruby which is on the server.
  • this is full of omissions and inaccuracies
  • this is for installing your radiant app in a subdomain, these directions won’t work for running your whole site off radiant
  • these instructions do not (yet) address best practices like freezing rails version to the vendor directory to prevent ASO breaking your radiant install by upgrading rails in the future
  • other things that are wrong with this that I simply have no clue about
    you have been warned

1. open support ticket to request ssh access, mysql gem, and radiant gem installation
2. use cpanel to create a new database (for example: databaseforradiant)
3. create a new mysql user (radiantsqluser), assign that user to the database created in step 2 and grant it all privledges
4. ssh into your document root and run the following command
radiant --database=mysql yourradiantsite

5. now you have to edit the database.yml and environment.rb files in the yourradiantsite/config directory
in the environment.rb uncomment the ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’ line
in the database.yml write as follows
adapter: mysql
database: yourASOusername_databaseforradiant
username: yourASOusername_radiantsqluser
password: radiantsqluserspassword
host: localhost

6. in the yourradiantsite issue the bootstrap command
rake production db:bootstrap
follow the prompts

7. go into cpanel and create a subdomain that points to yourradiantsite/public (for example:
8. make a copy of your yourradiantsite/public/.htaccess file and put it in your public_html directory
(I did this by chance, it works, I think, by letting Apache know to follow through the subdomain thing)

Goto visit in a browser

If it doesn’t work google the error messages, good luck!