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There is one setting in WordPress you have to set correctly. For this you have to go to settings -> permalinks and choose any setting but the default/standard. This is recommended anyway for other reasons - like search engine optimization.

##Twitter settings

One feature of the plugin is that it sends a tweet whenever someone comes to a mobile webpage via the stickers. See for example our Twitter account @pingeb_org.


Because this can be rather spammy do not expect lots of followers on that account. But it could help you staying in touch with your project.

Before you do so you have to open a Twitter account and register yourself at Twitters developer site by following the link in the plugin. At the end you can customize the message individually.

##Tag maintenance Sometimes, things can go wrong. Stickers out in the public space can sooner get lost than you would think. Those that were put on shops and bars last really long. Those on bus stops and the likes can get removed pretty soon.

For this and another problem we have a dedicated area in the plugin. In the maintenance section you get the choice of two actions:

  • Identifying tags with problems: If there were no downloads in the last 4 weeks, there could be a problem.
  • Tags without markers: If you abandon a location, you would delete a marker. Because the tag stays in database, you can put its downloads into another location.

Tag maintenance