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You can place stickers in your town and assign URLS to all of them or indivual tags separately. Those URLs lead to (mobile) webpages from which you can distribute every digital content you can think of.

Durability test

You could:

  • you could distribute ebooks or songs that are already out of copyright or to which you have the rights for
  • you could promote artists with pieces of their work
  • you could surprise people with a daily YouTube video or a cool song from Soundcloud
  • you could show people a photo a day/week that they can access with their smartphone
  • you could give your daily/weekly tip for restaurants or bars around town
  • you could introduce developers and their apps with links to their places in different app stores
  • promote your weblog or website

The content of those mobile webpages can vary over time or with the location without the need to walk there and change the sticker. It can also stays the same over time and on every location - for the later you just won't need this plugin.

The sky is the limit, you can do really a lot with this. Get up and do it! And for brainstorming we recommend to spend a night at the bar with your friends. Wrap your head around it, play with our bits and find cool use cases.

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