Tag label names and definitions

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Adopted from the rust wiki


TODO: many of the A- tags are still missing

We currently have 110 tags, listed at https://github.com/servo/servo/labels

AREA TAGS What part of the code is relevant?
A-browserhtml/P1 (Priority) necessary to run a browser.html demo
A-browserhtml/P2 (Priority) useful to run a browser.html demo
A-browserhtml/P3 (Priority) necessary for browser.html developer preview release
A-browserhtml The issue is encountered when running browser.html
A-build Related to or part of the build process
A-constellation Involves the constellation
A-content/bindings The DOM bindings
A-content/canvas 2d canvas API
A-content/css Interacting with CSS from web content (parsing, serializing, introspection)
A-content/dom Interacting with the DOM from web content
A-content/editing User input related to text editing
A-content/images Interacting with images from web content
A-content/parsers Related to parsing HTML and XML
A-content/script Related to the script thread
A-content/uncategorized Unclear categorization, related to script-based web content
A-content/webgl 3d canvas API
B-feature-tracking This issue tracks a particular high-level feature
B-high-value Represents work that would have a big impact
B-interesting-project Represents work that is expected to be interesting in some fashion
B-meta This issue tracks the status of multiple, related pieces of work
B-RFC A request for comments on a proposal
CONDITION TAGS The status of a particular issue
C-assigned There is someone working on resolving the issue
C-clarifying More information is necessary
C-disabled The issue describes an intermittent failure in a test, which has been temporarily disabled
C-duplicate There is another issue open that better describes the identical problem
C-has-test The issue contains a minimal testcase
C-has-open-PR There is a PR open that resolves the issue
C-is-this-done It is unclear if the issue has been resolved
C-looking for assistance The person attempting to resolve the issue requires further help
C-needs-test A new test is required as part of resolving the issue
C-upstream The issue needs to be resolved in a library that Servo depends upon
C-wontfix The problem described will not be fixed
EFFORT TAGS The expected complexity of fixing the issue
E-easy Straightforward. Recommended for a new contributor.
E-hard Very difficult. Do not attempt without significant relevant experience and motivation.
E-less easy Variable effort required; may require a mentor. Recommended solution is clearly described in the issue.
IMPACT TAGS The effect of the issue remaining unresolved.
I-bustage Servo is unusable.
I-cleanup No impact; the issue is one of maintainability or tidiness.
I-crash Servo encounters a segmentation fault.
I-enhancement No impact; the issue is a missing or proposed feature.
I-intermittent Problem reproduces intermittently.
I-memory-leak A memory leak has been observed.
I-panic Servo encounters a panic.
I-papercut Small but painful.
I-perf-bloat Unnecessary memory usage.
I-perf-power Unnecessary power usage.
I-perf-slow Unnecessary performance degredation.
I-race A race between two concurrent pieces of code.
I-refactor No impact; the issue is one of maintainability or tidiness. Proposed solution requires refactoring.
I-safety Some piece of code violates memory safety guarantees.
I-spec-unclear A specification related to the issue in question is unclear.
I-wrong An incorrect behaviour is observed.
LANGUAGE TAGS The programming language necessary to fix the issue
L-css CSS is required
L-javascript Javascript is required
L-python Python is required
PLATFORM TAGS The platform/operating system/hardware to which the issue applies
P-android Android devices
P-embedded Any embedded hardware capable of running Servo
P-freebsd The FreeBSD operating system
P-iOS Any Apple device running iOS
P-linux Any Linux OS capable of running Servo
P-mac Any version of OS X
P-nvidia Any NVIDIA graphics card
P-windows Any version of Windows capable of running Servo
PR STATUS TAGS The current status of any given pull request. Indicates what the expected next steps are.
S-awaiting-answer Someone asked a question that requires an answer.
S-awaiting-merge The PR is in the process of compiling and running tests on the automated CI.
S-awaiting-review There is new code that needs to be reviewed.
S-blocked-on-external Something, somewhere else, needs to happen before this PR can be merged.
S-fails-tidy ./mach test-tidy reported errors.
S-fails-travis The automated build and tests on TravisCI did not succeed.
S-needs-code-changes Changes have not yet been made that were requested by a reviewer.
S-needs-wiki-changes The wiki needs to be updated (after merging).
S-needs-decision A decision is required and has not been made.
S-needs-new-owner The PR has been abandoned by the original author.
S-needs-rebase There are merge conflict errors.
S-needs-squash Some (or all) of the commits in the PR should be combined.
S-needs-tests New tests have been requested by a reviewer.
S-tests-failed The changes caused existing tests to fail.
[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finalizer
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