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Repository Description Job Page
elastic/elasticsearch Open Source, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine
serverless/serverless Serverless Framework
Unitech/pm2 Node.js Production Process Manager
grafana/grafana The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring
pingcap/tidb A distributed HTAP database
mongodb/mongo The MongoDB Database
cockroachdb/cockroach The open source, cloud-native SQL database
jenkinsci/jenkins Open Source Automation Server
CloudBees does NOT own the Jenkins Project. But it does propose many jobs related to Jenkins and Jenkins X.
odoo/odoo Open Source Apps To Grow Your Business
commaai/openpilot Open source driving agent
saltstack/salt Make software for complex systems management at scale
dgraph-io/dgraph Fast, Distributed Graph DB
gradle/gradle Adaptable, fast automation for all
reactioncommerce/reaction Customizable, real-time reactive, JavaScript commerce platform
arangodb/arangodb A native multi-model database
hasura/graphql-engine Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres
draios/sysdig A universal system visibility tool with native support for containers
nodesource/distributions Secure. Reliable. Extensible. Node.js.
paritytech/parity-ethereum A Ethereum Client
RasaHQ/rasa_nlu Natural language understanding
mapbox/mapbox-gl-js JavaScript library for interactive, customizable vector maps on the web
PrestaShop/PrestaShop A fully scalable open source ecommerce solution
SonarSource/SonarQube The leading Open Source product for continuous code quality
zeek/zeek Zeek (formerly Bro) is a powerful network analysis framework.
hazelcast/hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid
rundeck/rundeck An open source automation service
confluentinc/ksql The Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka
bcoin-org/bcoin JavaScript bitcoin library for Node.js and browsers
CartoDB/cartodb Location Intelligence & Data Visualization tool
docker/docker-ce Providing a standardized packaging format for diverse applications
datawire/ambassador Kubernetes-native API gateway for microservices
crate/crate Distributed SQL database
npm/cli A package manager for JavaScript
bitnami/minideb A small image based on Debian
sylabs/singularity Linux container technology optimized for HPC workloads
pimcore/pimcore CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce
YugaByte/yugabyte-db SQL database
kaltura/nginx-vod-module NGINX-based MP4 Repackager
unsplash/unsplash-js Building the internet's open library of freely usable visuals
SeldonIO/seldon-core Machine Learning Deployment for Kubernetes
fossas/fossa-cli Dependency analysis for any codebase
oroinc/crm Main OroCRM package with core functionality.
amazeeio/lagoon Build and Deploy System for OpenShift & Kubernetes
irccloud/ios Chat on IRC from anywhere
ezsystems/ezplatform Professional CMS
platformsh/platformsh-cli Continuous Deployment Cloud Hosting
DECENTfoundation/DECENT-Network Blockchain You Can Easily Build On
vizorvr/patches A visual programming editor for building WebVR and WebGL experiences
jetbrains/kotlin Open Source, Static typed multiplatform programming language
jetbrains/intellij-community Open Source, The Java IDE for Professional Developers
arduino/Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform
codecombat/codecombat Game for learning how to code
gitlab Open source software to collaborate on code
getsentry/sentry Cross-platform application monitoring, with a focus on error reporting
slic3r/Slic3r Open Source 3D printing toolbox
isc-projects/bind9 A complete, highly portable implementation of the DNS (Domain Name System) protocol
chaos-genius/chaos_genius ML powered analytics engine for outlier/anomaly detection and root cause analysis
metabase/metabase The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company
mattermost/mattermost-server Mattermost is an open source platform for secure collaboration across the entire software development lifecycle.
mattermost/focalboard Focalboard is an open source, self-hosted alternative to Trello, Notion, and Asana.



How to update the website
# Start server
npm run sb

# deploy
up deploy production

Add new org/job

  1. update organizations.json/jobs.json in backend folder
  2. update readme
  3. preview website: npm run sb
  4. deploy: up deploy production

Tech stack of

Folder Structure

  • frontend components: /pages
  • server: /backend/index.js
  • dynamodb operation: /backend/db/