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Open-source engine for Heroes of Might and Magic III
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Latest commit cc75b85 May 24, 2020


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AI Tweak Battle AI damage prioritization score logic May 23, 2020
CI Use newer dependencies package Jul 2, 2019
Mods/vcmi Stop launcher from asking to update essential files Jul 21, 2019
client More formatting May 17, 2020
cmake_modules CMake: update version on each compiling Feb 11, 2018
config Fixed Gargoyles immunity, issue 3112. May 7, 2020
debian Merge tag '0.99' Nov 1, 2016
include/vstd Add missing include guards Oct 29, 2018
launcher Add Korean encoding(CP949) Mar 19, 2020
lib Merge pull request #609 from viciious/improve_battleai May 25, 2020
osx Copy Qt files to appveyor build installer Jun 21, 2019
rpm Update RPM spec May 5, 2020
scripting/erm Update VS files to 2019, partially fix test project Jun 9, 2019
server Close the global log targets on exit, flushing log files to disk May 5, 2020
test Fix bug: LandMine is not exploding to enemies. (#630) Feb 12, 2020
.gitignore Ignore visual studio 2015 cache folder May 24, 2018
.gitmodules Upgrade to fuzzylite 6.0 as a submodule Aug 15, 2017
.travis.yml try fix CI May 26, 2018
AUTHORS AI: replace SectorMap with new PathfinderManager Oct 6, 2018
CCallback.cpp VCAI performance improvements Jan 17, 2019
CCallback.h VCAI performance improvements Jan 17, 2019
CMakeLists.txt CMake more transitive Mar 28, 2019
ChangeLog Exposed more of existing limiters for modders (#449) Apr 17, 2018
Global.h Thread interruption fixes May 26, 2019 Update year to 2020 Jan 1, 2020
VCMI_VS15.sln Update project files to Visual Studio 2017 Jan 13, 2018
VCMI_global.props Fix to include vstd/CLoggerBase.h Aug 19, 2017
VCMI_global_debug.props Major overhaul of VS related files Aug 19, 2017
VCMI_global_release.props Workaround linker bug, set higher optimization by default Nov 17, 2018
VCMI_global_user.props Major overhaul of VS related files Aug 19, 2017 Code style: move or add licensing information on top of every file Jul 13, 2017
Version.h Add missing include guards Oct 29, 2018 Upgrade to fuzzylite 6.0 as a submodule Aug 15, 2017
license.txt * license (GPL v2 or later) Jan 9, 2009
vcmi.workspace [c::b] Move FuzzyLite project up one level to be prepared to submodul… May 26, 2017
vcmibuilder Add vcmibuilder version check for innoextract (#408) Jan 28, 2018
vcmimanual.tex documentation: use git repo address instead of SVN May 14, 2017

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VCMI Project

VCMI is work-in-progress attempt to recreate engine for Heroes III, giving it new and extended possibilities.


Installation guides

To use VCMI you need to own original data files.

Building from source

Platform support is constantly tested by continuous integration and CMake configuration adjusted to generate nice looking projects for all major IDE. Following guides will help you to setup build environment with no effort:

Copyright and license

VCMI Project source code is licensed under GPL version 2 or later. VCMI Project assets are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0. Assets sources and information about contributors are available under following link: []

Copyright (C) 2007-2020 VCMI Team (check AUTHORS file for the contributors list)

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