Audio guide

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OpenRA supports WAV and AUD formats for audio files.

Follow these steps to add a new audio file to a mod:

  1. You need to convert your audio files to 16-bit 22050 Hz WAV with a program of your choice:

    For the conversion of WAV to AUD(not obligatory) you can use:

    Listen to AUD files to test them:

  2. Place the converted files to <OpenRA root>/mods/<mod>/bits/ directory. On GNU/Linux and OS X the OpenRA root directory can be found with cat `which openra` | head -n2 | tail -n1 | awk '{print $2}' -.

  3. Add entries for the files in music.yaml, notifications.yaml or voices.yaml. Definitions can be found in music.yaml, notifications.yaml and voices.yaml as well as scattered around in other files like weapons.yaml (REPORT: with .aud extension) and various traits in the rules folder.