World Coordinate System

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World coordinates are independent from screen coordinates, allowing the player to scroll and zoom the playfield. They represent actors, special effects and anything not related to the GUI. Each cell has 1024 measurable units within it. They are specified behind the c in yaml. For example 1c0 is the same as 0c1024 and 5c512 means 5.5 cells.

WPos(X, Y, Z)

Location in the game world.


Distance from a WPos origin.

WVec(X, Y, Z)

Offset from a WPos origin.

WRot(Roll, Pitch, Yaw)

Three axis rotation with 1024 steps per axis.


Single axis rotation with 1024 steps.


Cell types are used to represent building footprints, unit paths, overlays and terrain information. Cells will typically contain one unit (or five infantry), although this isn't always the case. The Map class contains methods that can use cell information such as CenterOfCell () which returns world coordinates.

CPos(X, Y)

Location on a grid.

CVec(X, Y)

Offset from a CPos origin.

Map (Isometric)

Can be converted to and from CPos.

MPos (U, V)

Location on a map.


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MPos demonstrated