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Automatic installation

On the first run the game will ask whether you want to download a stripped down version automatically as both the full motion video and music soundtrack are optional. For the full experience, you should install the complete asset set from the original game CD.

OpenRA can automatically copy this additional content if you have the original games installed via C&C The Ultimate Collection on Origin (Windows only), or insert/mount a CD/DVD/disc image of the original freeware or The First Decade releases. Open "Manage Content" from the main game menu and press the "Detect Disc or Installation" button. This is the recommended way.

Downloading Original Game CDs

Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn have been released by EA Games as freeware. Download the CD-Images here:

TD + Covert Operations (3 files), Red Alert + Aftermath + Counterstrike (4 files), Tiberian Sun + Firestorm (1 file)

Red Alert (no expansions)

Tiberian Dawn (no expansion)

Please keep in mind that the CD extracting algorithm is hard-coded to those CD-Images. Localized installation CDs and expansion packs will not work. The BitLocker drive encryption feature has been reported to cause issues with the CD detection, so try removing any encrypted external drives if you encounter problems. OpenRA can also copy the assets from the games installed via EA's Origin client.


When running OpenRA directly without sandboxing, and adding the original game content from a game ISO image, you have multiple path options:

  • /media/openra
  • /media/{user}/openra
  • /mnt/openra


$ mount -o loop CD1_ALLIED_DISC.ISO /mnt/openra


By default, the OpenRA Flatpak has read access to the default UDisk2 path when mounting .iso files. If you mount to a different path, you have to add another exception to the sandbox rules.

$ sudo flatpak override --filesystem=/mnt/openra net.openra.OpenRA


We assume that OpenRA has been installed by:

$ sudo snap install openra

In this case, OpenRA is also sandboxed and can't access the Game CD or .ISO image. This can be resolved with the following command

$ sudo snap connect openra:removable-media

Manual installation

An unofficial guide to installing the files manually is available, but this procedure is not recommended.