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Note: Many of these commands can be configured in the Input tab of the settings menu.

Menu commands

in game

Action Keyboard / Mouse
Chat Enter
Toggle Team/Global Chat Tab
Menu Esc

Selection commands

Action Keyboard / Mouse
Select a unit click
Add a unit to selection Shift + click
Select a group of units Click and drag a box around the desired units
Select highest priority units on screen Q
Select highest priority units on map Double-tap Q
Select all on-screen units of a certain type Click unit and tap W
Select all units of a given type on the map Click unit and double-tap W
Define selected units as a group Ctrl + 0 - 9
Add selected units to a group Ctrl + Shift + 0 - 9
Select numbered group 0 - 9
Jump to a numbered group Alt + 0 - 9
Select and jump to numbered group Double tap 0 - 9
Select and jump next production structure Tab
Jump to selected units Home
Jump to last mini-map event Spacebar
Jump to next base H
Place rally point Select building and right-click area
Show all Health Bars ,
Toggle pixel doubling .

Move and attack commands

with units selected

Action Keyboard / Mouse
Move units or attack targets Right-click
Attack move A + right-click
Force fire Ctrl + right-click
Force move Alt + right-click
Stop units S
Guard unit D + right-click
Hold position V
Deploy / Return to base F
Scatter units Ctrl + X
Change stance Ctrl + Z

Production and sidebar commands

Action Keyboard / Mouse
Pause menu Esc
Objectives menu O
Diplomacy menu P
Debug menu Shift + Esc
Pause game Pause
Sell mode Z
Power mode X
Repair mode C
Place beacon B
Structure tab E
Defense tab R
Infantry tab T
Vehicle tab Y
Aircraft tab U
Naval tab (RA only) I
Sidebar slot 1 - 12 F1 - F12
Sidebar slot 13 - 24 Ctrl + F1 - F12
Next production tab (D2K only) Page down
Previous production tab (D2K only) Page up
Queue 5 units Shift + left-click icon
Cancel 5 units Shift + right-click icon
Cancel all units of type ctrl + right-click icon
Cancel one unit without stopping production middle-mousebutton-click icon