Arduino ESPduino

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  • Introduction

ESPduino is developed by Doit company based on the ESP8266 ESP-13, which can be compatible with Arduino UNO R3 developmen board; i.e., ESPduino=WiFi+Arduino UNO R3. By using the ESP8266 WiFi Chip and MCU, ESPduino can work with the support of WiFi. Compared to the traditional Arduino UNO development baord, users don't have to buy another WiFi development board when developing some WiFi applications. Now, This ESPduino can be gotten by the link from SmartArduino. ESPduino is shaped by the following Figure.

  • Features

    • Compatible with Arduino UNO R3;
    • With WiFi;

How to Use

This section is just for the installation and use the Arduino IDE, and download the code into the ESPduino development board. Especially, for convenience, we have already improved the ESPduino since Sep. 30, 2016, and now you DO NOT need to press any button, when you download the code. Note that, the old version must press the button when download the code.

Applications & Examples

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