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Module Preface

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After more than three years, we have already become one of the biggest ESP8266 wifi module manufacturers and IoT solutions in China. Now, In our company, there are many types of ESP modules, like ESP-M1, ESP-M2, ESP-F, and so on. Also, we have a complete solutions (or brand named DoHome) for the smart bulb and smart switch. Certainly, we also have many other IoT solutions, such as smart fish-tank, smart key, smart prober, smart printer, etc. Till now, we provide many product services, like:

  • Customized wifi module, e.g., built-in the firmware, print the company logo on module;
  • Develop the firmware for the projects;
  • Provide the PCBA service for the projects;
  • Provide the complete products;
  • Develop the program for the projects;
  • ....

Start to Play ESP8266

Before to start ESP8266, Please read this document.

WiFi Modules

DOIT company is already developed many types modules based on ESP8266 and ESP8285, which are shown in the following:

  • ESP8266 series modules;
  • ESP8285 series modules;
  • ESP32 modules;
  • Double Frequency (2.4G and 5G).

ESP8266 Series Modules--The chip is ESP8266 without flash.

ESP8285 Series Modules--The chip is ESP8285 with 1M fash.

Double Frequency (2.4G and 5G wifi)

ESP32 Series Modules--The chip is doubl-core with wifi and bluetooth.

Smart Products

  • DMP-L1, is special for smart bulb with DoHome firmware.
  • DMP-P1, is for the smart switch with DoHome.
  • Smart Bulb
  • DT-06, is compatible with HC-06 Bluetooth module.

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