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BuildTools - Fix scenario where town and nation spawn costs were not what was set
by the town/nation and only used the config's costs.
Latest commit 89eb6fc Jul 20, 2019

Towny Advanced

Developed by LlmDl

I took over from ElgarL after MC 1.8 was released. Past developers have included: Shadeness, FuzzieWuzzie, ElgarL. With help coming from other developers from time to time including dumptruckman, ole8pie, SwearWord, gravypod, andrewyunt and more.

Towny is one of the oldest still-in-development plugins for Minecraft. It was created by Shadeness for the now-defunct server platform called hMod. It is the second-oldest land protection plugin to become popular for Minecraft, having been beaten by WorldGuard by just a couple months.

Releases, Dev builds and all other plugins I maintain/dev are available from...


If you need help, join us in our IRC channel #towny on the network. If you are a server admin that wants to get cutting edge updates on the development of the plugin and want to help test things before they become public, join us in our Discord server


If you'd like to contribute to the Towny code, see the


Towny is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) License

We don't object to you making your own forks and builds but we do object to people being selfish, which is why we specify No Derivative Works. If you want to modify the code to add some nice feature the least you can do is ask and submit a pull request to allow everyone to benefit from it.

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