APE Overview

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This page contains an overview of the Astropy proposals for enhancement (APEs).

The actual APEs are here: https://github.com/astropy/astropy-APEs

This wiki page is manually updated, so please update it if you notice new APEs or incorrect status info.

APE List

Astropy API proposals

We also have the Astropy API proposals: https://github.com/astropy/astropy-api/ . These are mostly historical (from before APEs), but may also store some API proposals that are associated with particular APEs (e.g., # 12 was part of APE5).

The numbers given are the GitHub issue numbers.

  • #1, merged "Quantity class API", Adrian Price-Whelan
  • #2, merged "Add quantity API", Adrian Price-Whelan
  • #3, open "Adding plot API for discussion", Adrian Price-Whelan
  • #4, merged "API Document for WCSAxes (v2)", Thomas Robitaille
  • #5, open "Proposed Photometry API", Thomas Robitaille
  • #6, open "Conversion from celestial to altaz coordinates", Marshall Perrin
  • #7, merged "API Document for WCSAxes", Thomas Robitaille
  • #8, open "adding ccdproc", Steve Crawford
  • #9, open "added new model parameter API", Wolfgang Kerzendorf
  • #10, open "Generalized WCS", Nadia Dencheva
  • #11, open "Proposal to add an Angle format specifier to Angle.to_string()", Tom Aldcroft
  • #12, merged "Coordinates API, take 2", Erik Tollerud
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