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AstroPy Coordination Meeting 2011


This meeting will be held on 12-14th October 2011 at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (60 Garden St, Cambridge MA). The main meeting will be on the 12-13th, with an optional coding sprint on the 14th for anyone interested in staying on.

The goal is to coordinate implementation of the AstroPy vision.

The local organizing committee is Tom Robitaille (, handling meeting content), Tom Aldcroft (, handling logistics), and Mathieu Servillat (, supplies).


Feel free to add or remove your name. You will need a GitHub account to make edits to the page (or send email to


Here is the tentative schedule. The detailed agenda is available here.


10:30am Coffee / snacks / video setup
11am Start the meeting
1:30pm Lunch
4pm Afternoon break
7pm Finish
8pm Dinner at a local restaurant


9:30am Coffee / snacks / video setup
10am Start meeting
12:30pm Lunch
3pm Afternoon break
6pm Finish


9:30am Start coding (bring your own coffee)


A list of lodging in the area is available at

At this time rates for mid-October are rather high (for instance Boston Marriott is showing over $500 / night!). Often CfA visitors stay at one of several nearby Bed and Breakfast Inns which are more in the $200 / night range. Some ones which are known to be good are:

  • Mary Prentiss Inn
  • Irving House
  • Friendly Inn

One more hotel that is on the cheaper end ($209/night) is Homewood Suites (at the Cambridge-Arlington border, 1 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, Tel: 1-781-643-7258). This would require driving or taking a bus, but could be more economical in the end, particularly with a shared rental car.

The Bettina Network based in Cambridge (800-347-9166 or 617-497-9166) is also a resource that is used within CfA to find Bed & Breakfast accommodations. They are a bit old-fashioned and you'll have to use the phone and actually speak to somebody.

Meeting amenities

We plan to provide lunch on both days (12th and 13th) from a local deli. Details are TDB and we'll coordinate any special requirements. There will also be light refreshments and coffee (box of coffee from Starbucks). Following the example of a recent CfA mini-workshop, we will be asking for cash payment (somewhere in the neighborhood of $50) to cover costs.

On Wednesday evening (12th) we'll have an organized dinner at a local restaurant within walking distance.

If people stay around for the coding sprint on the 14th (Friday) we'll likely go out as a group to a nearby cafe for our snack / caffeine / food needs.

Remote participation

The meeting rooms (M-340 for 12-13th and M-240 for 14th) are equipped with Tandberg 6000 video conferencing units:

Room Name (IP address) Phone in room
M-240 CFAVTC-M240 ( 617-496-7900
M-340 CFAVTC-M340 ( 617-496-7735

Uses IP for connection: H.320 and H.323 for bandwidth, H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.263++ for video.

Multi-site connectivity

This feature lets the conference connect to up to four different remote sites, and display each remote party in a separate window on the VTC display screen. This feature is automatically engaged by initiating a second (or subsequent) connection while existing connections remain open. remote control

Getting here

The meeting room is M-340 in 160 Concord Ave, Cambridge MA. The birds-eye view is pretty good as well. If you zoom out a bit you'll see an obvious telescope dome just across the street in the main CfA building at 60 Garden St.

The official CfA directions include driving, bus, and metro instructions.

The entrance for getting into the building is seen as the maroon awning in this photo taken from the corner of Manassis Ave and Concord Ave looking southwest. From there enter the building and get into the elevator that is on the right side on the hall. Go to floor 3, exit, and turn right, where you will see two doors. The one on the right is a copy room and the one on the left leads to the conference room after a short hallway.


The meeting minutes are available here